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I just found out I am going to Alabama the weekend after Thanksgiving. My grandfather's 90th b'day is the 20th, & the family is throwing a big party for him (how sad & ironic that HE won't really know or understand quite what's going on, with his dementia) on the 30th. It means a LOT to my grandmother that I be there, so I spoke with my supervisor last night, & I think it's going to work. I will leave really early on Friday, the 29th, & my dad & sister will pick me up in Montgomery around 3PM. So I will have the rest of Friday, & all day Saturday & Sunday with extended family I rarely get to see. I will technically only miss one day of work, because I would typically have two days off, anyway. I *would* have gotten 6 days that week, but I think it's more important to be with my family. They are not going to be around forever. In a perfect world, I would love to take Thanksgiving day off & have Thanksgiving lunch with my other grandmother, Momme Dot, sister, aunt & uncle & cousins (for the first time since I was about 18 or so!), but I just don't think I can work it out. I get holiday pay on Thanksgiving, & I am desperate for money. I am so behind on bills. It just isn't financially feasible.

The really cool part is that Sunday, December 1st, is MY b'day....so my family will be there for that! I haven't been with my family for my birthday since my 17th birthday...and even then, not THIS side of the family! How nice that they can celebrate my grandfather's b'day one day & mine the next (although my sister is skipping out on Saturday, the weinie).

I will come back early Monday, & be back at work on Tuesday....and Monday will just be one of my scheduled days off that week....so I won't miss any work THAT week....& just technically ONE day the week I leave. Sweet. My dad is paying for the ticket, naturally, because I sure couldn't. He's paying for my sister's, too. My dad has no shortage of money, & he wants us both there, soooo....

I long for the day when I have the money to fly back & forth to AL whenever there's a holiday or a special celebration. I long for the day when I have the money to do stuff like that....be with my family on special occasions.
I am watching Monday night's "CSI:Miami." There's a guest star on here, Denice Duff. *smile* She did my make-up for my first ever headshots in LA....she was a really nice girl. I am glad she's gotten successful (she is on "Young & the Restless" or some soap opera like that). I also heard on a commercial that Kim Delaney is leaving the show already. What's the deal with that? I guess I shouldn't say until I am in that situation someday, but I don't understand leaving a successful show. Whatever.
My eye hurts twice as much today, & looks worse, too. It genuinely HURTS. Any movement of my eyeball HURTS. And yeah, you'd be surprised how much you move your eyeball in a regular day. It just looks nasty. It literally took me FIVE MINUTES to pry the damn thing open this morning, it was so crusty. This is nasty chit. And yes, being a bit vain about my appearance, it's bugging me from that standpoint, too. It's *really* NOT attractive. I set my alarm to wake up every 4 hours to put in drops. It seems logical to me that if this muthafuckin' thing sprang up OVERNIGHT, that it would go away OVERNIGHT with treatment, too. But there I go, thinking logically again. I really gotta stop doing that.

On a positive....I don't *FEEL* as sick as I have been....so apparently, the virus is leaving my body, & jumped in my eye. Pffffft.

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