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Another medical post...if you are tired of my illnesses, move on. You've been warned.

Now I have fairly severe pain on the left side of my throat. It's not "sore throat" pain...it's like real pain....mainly every time I swallow. Just on the left side...and it just started tonight. Coincidentally, or not, there is also a lump on the left side of my face, by my ear. It's painful to the touch...well, tender, rather. Kinda like one of those painful underground zits, only it's not a zit. This is a little weird for me. Majorly fucked up left eye (resembling pink eye, but might not be) causing serious pain & discomfort & looking like sheer hell, now a lump on the left side of my face, & severe pain on the left side of my throat. Everything is on the left. Coincidence? I wouldn't even begin to know what to tell my doc, if I should see my regular doc or some sort of specialist, how would I pay for it, & how would I pay for the tests he/she would SURELY order? This is CRAZY!

Due to whatever is happening in my throat, I THINK I am losing my voice. It's been strained, anyway, & I talked to a friend of mine who is a doc, & he said with this kind of virus, it's VERY common to lose your voice at the end of it. Great. I make a living (however paltry right now) with my voice. If I have no voice, I cannot work. Like I can afford to lose any money. I can rest my voice & not talk today (Thur.) & Friday...but I'm supposed to perform at work on Saturday. I *might* could get out of that, but I'd feel bad about it.

I'm an actress/singer. Looks count. A voice is 100% a must have. I am losing my voice & my appearance---due to this eye---looks like hell. The right eye is starting to look red, but that could be strain. The sunlight today & even the monitor glare are TOTALLY irritating my eyes.

I could get a free flu shot this Friday at work...but you can't get it if you are sick.

Next Wed. & Thurs. are REALLY important singing rehearsals at work. Then Friday, I am going to AZ to see my honey. The next weekend, I will be around all my family. The following weekend, I am having my b'day party.

The timing of this freaky illness shit is unbelievable. All this crap, period, sucks beyond my comprehension to describe it.

I am taking care of myself. Lots of sleep. Trying not to worry about unpaid bills. Eating pretty well....drinking fluids. I am at a loss. I honestly think I should be shot like a lame horse....put me out of my misery.
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