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Great. Just friggin' great.

"Do not use sulfacetamide ophthalmic if you have a viral or fungal infection in your eye. It is used to treat infections caused by bacteria only."

And I suspect strongly that MY infection is viral. And I am using sulfacetamide ophthalmic. *sigh* Shouldn't my doctor have assumed it was a viral infection, since he diagnosed me with an overall virus? If these drops are dangerous if you DON'T have a bacterial infection, shouldn't he have seen me before prescribing them? Lordy.

I am going to the ER tomorrow, I guess. Cause they will bill me, not expect payment upfront (unless they turn me away cause I owe them for the time Fahrenheit busted my lip). I am still running a fever, my throat is very tight, still have that lump on the left side of my face, still don't feel great. I guess it's time. Maybe they will run some tests. Yeah...some tests I can't pay for. Either that, or they will make me feel really silly by telling me, "Your doctor was right, you just have a viral infection in your body & your eye, & there's nothing you can do to treat either...take some Advil. Thanks for coming in to the tune of a couple hundred dollars for nothing." Ay-carumba.

I couldn't get out of it if I tried. Allie won't let me & neither will Mike. They will both kick my butt if I don't go. And I guess it's better knowing either way....either yes you have something serious, thank goodness you came in....or no, this isn't serious, go home.

I wish Mike were already here. I don't look forward to sitting in the ER for 6 hour+ by myself. I guess I will just take a lot of magazines & a crossword puzzle book. All my friends either work or live in OC & I wouldn't ask them to drive up here.

Maybe I will wake up tomorrow feeling much better.

Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Cause that's JUST the way my luck has been going.

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