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I am blatantly stealing this from catherine (she gave me permission, so kiss it!). I find it hard to believe that everyone on my friends list reads my journal, so I am offering this little quiz. It might show the vote bar, but your answer can only be seen by me. Don't be shy now.

Do you read my LJ???

Yes, I catch up on your entries through my friends page.
Yes, I have your LJ bookmarked and go to it to catch up.
No, I used to but lately I find that we don't have much in common, but didn't want to hurt your feelings & remove you.
No, not anymore, but I haven't gotten around to taking you off of my friends list (although if this is your choice, you are probably not reading my journal to see this quiz, huh?).
I try to & enjoy doing so, but I don't have much time for LJ lately.
I'm a lurker. I read & enjoy your LJ but never comment.


#s 3 & 4 will probably get you removed from my friends list, but no hard feelings (& isn't that what you want if you pick those, anyway?). If you want to go, or have gone...be well.

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