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Paul Rubens---aka Pee Wee Herman---in trouble again. You people (people into child porn or hey, into kids!) are SICK, SICK, SICK! What is his friggin' problem? Don't give me some bleeding heart crap like "he's got a mental problem, give him a break." No breaks here. There's therapy for everything. If you are into kids, sexually, you KNOW that's wrong...get yourself into therapy.

And the "Ferris Bueller" dude....*shaking head*

SICK! SICK, I tell you!

And then I hear a story (I *think* I have heard it before) about this 20 year old LOSER who caused a drunk driving accident & put two teenage boys in a coma. Check this chit out....he had his license revoked for drinking at the wheel when he was underage. He had JUST gotten his license back...and decided to celebrate by going out & getting drunk...and then driving home. 20 years old....responsible for putting 2 young boys in comas. They might not ever come out.

I understand that alcoholism is a "disease." Addiction is a mental problem. But there are so many emotions & feelings & questions & so much confusion that goes around in my head about this stuff. Why can't people see that they have a problem? If you frequently drink so much that you wake up the next day & don't remember much, wouldn't you know you had a problem? Wouldn't that freak you out, that you can't remember the night before? Wouldn't that be a sign of a problem? If you have more than 2 drinks anywhere (& even THAT depends on the strength), you have NO BUSINESS EVER BEING BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR. I don't care what your damn excuse is. Frankly, I think if you've had ONE drink---and I don't care how big you are or what your tolerance is---you have no business being behind the wheel of a car. ONE drink & you are no longer sober. Don't take the risk. If you KNOW you are going to be drinking, make other driving arrangements. If you are a married couple, one night one of you have wine, the other doesn't, & the sober one drives home. Alternate nights. If you are drinking 10+ beers or glasses of wine home alone every freakin' night, you have a problem! I know people who ADMIT they are alcoholics, & STILL don't try to get help. WTF is that all about? The first step is admitting you have a problem. But what good is admitting it if you don't do a damn thing about it? And I will NEVER understand why people who have a family history of alcoholism or addiction even TAKE that first sip. I realize that society feels that they have to drink to fit in, relax, have fun, etc. But you can get by JUST fine in life without a single sip of alcohol. Your life will NOT suffer without it. If you have a parent who is an alcoholic or grandparent...you have no business ever taking that first drink. Why would you chance it? Is it worth it? To fit in? To feel like part of a group? I don't get it. True, you MAY not follow the alcoholic or addictive habit...but WHY chance it???
I don't understand how much sympathy I am supposed to have in situations like that. So you're an alcoholic....did it run in your family? "Yes." Well, why did you ever start drinking in the first place? I don't get it. You really think it's WISE to lose your license by drinking....and then celebrate getting it back by getting drunk???? WHO are this guy's friends & family? Why didn't they get him help after the FIRST incident? There's more confusion. I believe in personal responsibility, but how MUCH responsibility do friends & family have? SHOULD someone have stepped in to INSIST he get help? Shouldn't the judge have put him through some sort of program (maybe he did, I don't know....the programs obviously didn't work for Robert Downey Jr. the first few times)?

You can sit back & say that we should let people kill themselves with drugs & alcohol....natural selection, so to speak. Darwin Awards. But when these idiots...oh sorry, addicts....start taking OTHER lives....THAT'S when I get upset. Fine...you want to snort cocaine? You do it in the privacy of your home, & don't even THINK about leaving the house. But you want to snort it & then DRIVE somewhere? THAT'S when it becomes the business of everyone. You want to smoke weed in the privacy of your own home? Fine...but when you get behind the wheel of a car, THAT'S when I make it my business. You want to kill your liver with alcohol? You all right with that? Fine. Do it. Buh-bye. But don't you DARE get behind the wheel of a car & put MY life or the life of anyone else at risk, just because YOU are a selfish butthead who can't get help.....or have family & friends who ignore it & don't help you to see that you need help. Whatever. This subject is sooo....touchy. I can see both sides of some things...but in the end, my hatred for drugs & alcohol & their affects just angers the hell out of me. I realize that drugs & alcohol don't drive the cars themselves....it's the dummies behind the wheels causing the accidents....but there's stuff in drugs & alcohol that make people get addicted. But then no one forces drugs & alcohol into someone....they CHOOSE to drink or do drugs. *argh*
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