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Anyone have advice on how to find some good mobile home parks? I tried my yellow pages, & the ones that are in it aren't really in the area I want to be in. I have had TWO people tell me that they live in really nice mobile home parks in Orange County....SURELY there are some nice ones in LA County?!?!?!?!? There HAS to be. Monday, I am going to go look at a couple, even if they don't have homes for sale, just to get an idea what's out there. I'd also like to go to a mobile home dealer, to check them out. I am quite sure we wouldn't get a new one, but I'd still like to look at them.

I also ordered a book of HUD houses available. I will probably go through it & then discuss any I find with my dad.

I would, of course, prefer a house to a mobile home, but beggars can't be choosers. I just want a mobile home with a yard big enough to have my jacuzzi & a swing.

That is something going through my mind. What a MAJOR pain in the ass to even THINK of having to drain & move the jacuzzi....and then thinking about having the drain & move my waterbed....EEEIIIYIIIIYIII! I don't even want to think about it. There is nothing I hate more than moving. I wouldn't mind the boxes of crap so much....as much as all the huge, pain in the ass things to move. Maybe I could hire someone to move me this time, & let THEM deal with the headaches. I hate subjecting my friends to moving all my shit again. I am NOT an easy move. My friend, Erin, said, "Does this mean we'd have to pack you up again?"
:-) But I am jumping the gun.

The thought of owning my own place thrills me. Owning my own mobile home a little less, but it's still pretty exciting. It's cheating a bit, because I am not paying for it, but I imagine I will in some way. My dad might tell me that this is coming out of his life insurance policy, so I won't get any money when he dies. That's fine. I'd rather use the money now when I need it. I find it hard to believe that my dad would just out-right buy me a $50-60K house. No way. And boy....would my sister shit bricks.

I am so relieved about my rent. My landlord is such a smartass (but at least he's cool). I called him to tell him that my dad's check should reach him by 3PM tomorrow, & to rip up my check. He says, "What? You want me to cash both yours AND your dad's check? And Merry Xmas?" HAHAHA What a funny guy! I feel like my shoulders are $800 lighter. For this month. I will give myself a 2 week or so break...and then I will start worrying about January. **Sigh**

So I got a call from my ex, John, in Alabama. I can almost guarantee that we will hook up....unless there's no chemistry anymore. Geez...it's been so damn long, who knows????? I really don't care. I wouldn't mind gettin' a little holiday nookie-nook, but if not...that's just dandy, too! :-) I have to wonder why I get so much action in Alabama....and can't get any in Cali. Hmmmm....

I can't find where I put the Best Buy gift card from Garry. :-( I'm totally bummed. It MUST be in my house somewhere. I cleaned up for Karinn/Dale & my dad to visit, I must have quickly stashed it somewhere.

If you like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, & are bummed that you only get them once a year.....you MUST try the Keebler Holiday Merry Mint Patties. They are BETTER than Thin Mint's, IMO, because they use a vanilla cookie instead of chocolate.

I am burning some Xmas CDs that are just AMAZING. They are really so good. I might just have to listen to them year-round. My friends want me to burn ones for them. I will have around 8 volumes of "modern" Xmas tunes (meaning, by modern artists, like Amy Grant, Jewel, Christina Aguliera, 'N Sync, Brian Setzer Orchestra, etc., & then I will have a few with classic tunes (ie, Bing Crosby, Julie Andrews, Elvis, etc.). I am having WAY too much fun with my CD burner. That's one of the most handy, fun, useful things I have ever bought.

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