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I have said it before, & I will probably say it many more times.

I cannot express my level of annoyance to open my trash can outside & see that the TRASH next door has thrown TWO empty 12 packs of beer in my trash can. First of all, they have trash cans of their own. They aren't full. I can almost guarantee that it's the multiple boyfriends of the TRASH granddaughter dumping this stuff in MY can, so that the girl's grandmother won't see it in theirs. Secondly, I HATE beer. With a passion. Seeing containers of it---even empty---in MY can irritates the SHIT out of me. I don't even like the sight of beer, much less in MY can. Thirdly, I have stuff I need to put in MY can...imagine that. They don't even bother to flatten the boxes, & boxes for 12 packs of beer aren't too terribly small. They just throw the empty containers in there, full size. *grrrrrr* How do I know it's them? There's no one else on this street who would do it, & there's very few people on this street at all. There are a million trash cans sitting out & around the main street, no way would someone come from there just to dump stuff in my can, when they have so many other choices. I have already moved my cans once. Now I am thinking about opening my gate & moving them into my backyard, far from the gate. Then I realized the TRASH assholes would jump my fence to continue doing it, if just to do a "neener neener neerer" thing. So I can have Mike build something on top of the fence, extending the height of it. Shouldn't be that difficult. Then I thought about a sign on it, in Spanish, saying, "If I catch you using my can, I will call the cops." Then I thought about having my friend, Enrique, come over, & translate to the grandma (who seems very nice) what's going on, & that I want it stopped....and at the same time, request kindly that the early AM/late evening horn honking stop, as well. That might be the best idea. But with that comes the potential of retaliation by these TRASH hoodlums...since they---DUH---know where I live. "Stupid little white bitch," I can hear it now. I just want it to stop. My trash barely fit in the can because of theirs....and that's not fair.
Use your own motherfucking trash can. 2 12 packs....fucking alkies.
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