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I had a false profile on an AOL account of mine (it's a long story).

I blocked all IMs under this screen name, cause even though the profile said I was "dating," I still had random guys IM me all the time.

Occasionally, I would receive an email from one, when they are undaunted by the IM block.

Today, that happened. The guy addressed "Susan," the name I had on the profile. It said that "Susan" enjoyed getting massages. And this random guy, John, sent me his picture & said that he'd be interested in getting a massage, & where did I live? I explained politely that my profile said I enjoyed "getting" massages, not giving them....I was not a masseuse. He said, "Oh sorry, I misread that. Well, come on down & I will give YOU one. Maybe we can have dinner or something?" Riiiiiiight. Good idea. I am sure you want dinner. And you would JUST give me a massage. The guy (if it was his pic) is actually very handsome....making me wonder why he's doing such a thing. I explained that my boyfriend wouldn't be too pleased about that, but thanks for the offer, & good luck to you.

WHY do people do this? WHY do people randomly IM or email strangers for sex or romance? It's one thing to respond to a personal ad. It's entirely another to randomly IM or email someone based solely on their profile, especially having not even seen a picture. As far as this guy was concerned, I could have been a total dog.

Do people really get this lonely, or this horny? I don't get it.

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