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Would anyone like to analyze my dream? Anyone at all? I have my own thoughts, but would love some objective ones. I had this kinda scary dream the other night, woke out of it at 5:21AM, with the impression that I HAD to write this one down...there is a message here somewhere. My friend Alicia analyzed this a bit, & I will include her thoughts at the end.

In the dream, I was sitting in my old Alabama house (which doesn't exist anymore). My mom was home & in her bedroom, taking a nap. I was an adult, I felt current age, but I guess I could have been younger or a teenager, but I left AL with I was 17, & this felt like a VISIT home, not me still living there. I was sitting in my dressing room (my bedroom had a large dressing room attached to it, with a make-up counter, sink, large mirror, shoe closet, & big clothes closet), on my old make-up mirror chair, kinda half sitting in my clothes closet, facing out. The surroundings throughout this dream were PRECISELY the way they were in reality (you know how sometimes you dream about your old house, & you know it's your old house, but things look different....but in this dream, things looked EXACTLY as they actually had looked). The closet seemed fairly empty, as if I had already moved out & there were just a few things left behind, & I was going through the stuff left behind to see what I wanted to keep & what I wanted to get rid of. I seemed to hear a slight rustle, & then felt something lightly bump against my left arm. I slowly looked to the left, & an off white silk nightie (no, I have no such thing) was swinging on the rack by itself in the closet, right next to me. I looked up at the hanger, & a head started to appear inside the nightie...all I noticed was that the head had long, straight almost platinum blonde hair with bangs, & the eyes were solid white, like zombie eyes. I didn't stick around to see the thing fully form, I hightailed it out of the room, scared to death. I ran into my mom's room, which was really dark, as if it was night outside. The rest of the house beyond my mom's room seemed to be bathed in light, as if it was daytime (& it "felt" like daytime, except in my mom's room). I kept calling her name (well, "Mom" & "Mother") from the doorway, frantically. She didn't respond or stir, almost as if she were dead. I crawled into bed with her, still calling her name in a frantic whisper & gently shaking her, & finally she awoke. I whispered, "I think I need to check myself into a mental ward or seriously get some therapy....I think I'm seeing things." It felt as if I had recently had some sort of a similar experience, & this one was the one that made me think something was really wrong, like I was losing my mind or REALLY stressed out. I don't remember what my mom said or how she reacted, but I felt she remained calm. I remember we got out of the bed, & she was headed out the door to check my room when we heard a noise come out of my room. I said, "What the fuck is that?" She slowly headed down the hall to my room, me behind her holding her hand, scared to death. Again, she really didn't seem scared. When we got to my room (it wasn't a far walk), we noticed smoke & sparks coming from inside my room, & what sounded like someone was throwing stuff around the room. We started to turn back when I noticed Duncan, my cat, in my doorway, staring back wide-eyed towards my dressing room/closet, protective stance, flicking tail, scared. Mom & I called to Duncan, & when he came out to us, we quietly closed my door, & headed back to my mom's room (I don't remember where Duncan went, I never saw him again....and it might be important to note that Duncan NEVER lived in this house....he was only there one night, a long time ago, but he never lived in that house...he DID however, know my mom, & he lived with her (& I) for 2 years here in California, so he DOES know my mom). We jumped on the bed & started whispering about looking in the phone book for someone who could excise a spirit out of a house, but wondered if such people really existed outside of Hollywood. I had trouble finding the yellow pages. I made her scoot over & crawled into bed next to her, with the phone on the bed & both of us flipping through phone books. At one point she got up & went to the bathroom (I am assuming because I was in the room alone...the bathroom was in the room, though), & I shut & locked her bedroom door, even though I rationally knew that a door wouldn't keep a spirit---or whatever it was---out. I was peering SOMEHOW through the door. It was if the door wasn't there, I could see clearly into the hall....but the door WAS there, & was solid. I saw the spirit come out of my room. She was young (about my age, actually....MAYBE a bit younger...definitely youthful, but older than a teenager) & pretty & slender, with short almost platinum blonde hair, kinda like a '50s bob cut, similar to a wig I have, with bangs. She had bright red lips, & was wearing a dress...she looked similar to a "spook" I saw at Haunt every night, minus the bloody face. There really was nothing scary looking about this spirit, except she seemed to be wearing those cat-eyes special effects contacts. She came down the hall towards me, stopped on the other side of the door, & started talking to me. She knew I was there, watching her, on the other side of the door. I have no idea what she said, it was if I couldn't hear her. I felt she had no intention of hurting me...she just seemed to want to chat. She turned & walked down our long hall, towards the kitchen (again, it seemed like daylight & bright in all other parts of the house...but dark/night-like in my mom's room....maybe daylight in the rest of the house & overcast outside my mom's balcony & her curtains drawn). My mom got back into bed (still calm, me still freaking), & I told her that the spirit was now trying on a Santa hat that we had on a doll in the kitchen (this was not a doll we really had, but my mom had all kinds of Xmas decorations). There was some sort of Santa & Mrs. Claus set in the kitchen, & the spirit apparently took the Santa cap off Santa & was trying it on. She seemed playful, wanting to try out different looks, like she never got to do stuff like this. She would put something on, & then walk towards out entrance hall where we had a large mirror. Again, I did NOT get the impression that she was going to hurt us AT ALL, but I despite that rational thought, I STILL felt terrified. I got back into the bed next to my mom, & while we were looking in the phone books again, she said something about smelling my abscessed tooth, like my breath smelled like I had an abscessed tooth. This was the first time I remember hearing her speak in the dream. I said, "You can smell that I have an abscessed tooth?" And she said she could, & told me to get to a dentist when I "got back" (I assume to CA), & get it taken care of, cause it would get really painful otherwise. I said, "But I don't have the money for that!" This is when I woke up.

Yeah...how sad is it that even in my dreams I am broke!

OK, a week or so ago, I had some pain in a tooth on the left side of my mouth. I have always had some problems with it. It's not currently hurting, though. But I truly cannot afford a root canal or whatever it would need.

Now....my friend said this was my mother coming to me in my dream. She wanted to bring me a message, & added at the end of the dream, a kinda "by the way, you need to get your tooth fixed" message, although that was secondary to bigger message. She said the message is that I DO have the ability to see & communicate with spirits, but I am constantly fighting this (I have been told this MANY times, & it is a "gift" I do NOT want...cause it terrifies me...I want nothing to do with spirits, thanks). My mother was trying to tell me not to be afraid of this gift. The reason the house was light & my mom's room dark was because I am in the living, & my mom has passed over, so her room is dark. She was calm throughout the dream because there is no fear on the other side. I was terrified the whole time because I am truly scared of this kind of thing. Duncan was there because he knows when my mom is around now....cats sense spirits, they know when they are there....Duncan was the link between my mom & me (as I was writing this dream down, Duncan looked up & stared at "nothing" with huge eyes). The "spirit" was actually a reflection of me....trying on different things, I know I need to change something, but I don't know what. Going through my closet in the beginning....I know I need to make changes, but don't know what to get rid of, what to keep, etc. My mom was basically telling me to NOT be scared of my "gift," & that no matter what, she will ALWAYS be there for me, through everything.

Well....anyone have any thoughts or opinions? Want to verify anything my friend said, or prove it wrong, whatever?

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