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Things in Hollywood have gotten disturbing. Brittany Murphy is a pretty talented actress, who apparently decided she needed to have an eating disorder to continue working (I am only ASSUMING, admittedly, but she just looks gross these days....very unhealthy). Lots of actressed feel this way...and amazingly, lots of leading men have guts, but THAT'S okay.

Women....starving themselves, making themselves throw up their food...all to look "good" to the viewing public.

But what *I* hear from the public, is that we don't WANT to see unhealthy women in film & TV. You don't have to be Calista Flockhart thin to be beautiful. In fact, I would rather see a Camryn Manheim over a Calista Flockhart anyday....because as a human being, I WORRY about those skinny girls. I worry that they are killing themselves, slowly. While, granted, it's equally dangerous to be unhealthily obese, I don't watch Camryn on TV & worry about her health.

I constantly hear the public whining about how they WANT to see healthier women...they don't WANT to see the skinny, unhealthy women anymore. "Feed her a burger" is the comment many people make about Ms. Flockhart. The average American female wears a size 12 or higher!
I wear about a 10 right now, & was told I will never make it at this size....yet I am still below the national average. Amazing. I have a cute face & talent...and yet I "won't make it" because I am 10 pounds over what I *should* weigh...& since the camera adds 10 pounds, that makes me about 20 pounds overweight. So despite my face, my charisma, my personality, & my talent....I will never make it. *hmph*

Well, I am tired of hearing the public whine about what they want, yet they are not willing to truly do anything about it. Nothing will change unless we are proactive about it. It would take 15 minutes out of one day to print out a letter, stick it in an envelope, & $0.37 to mail it. Or better yet, take a couple of hours out of your schedule to print out several copies, & mail it to several important people. The public wrote into leading magazines, & NOW they show sexy Lane Bryant ads in their magazines, featuring big, beautiful girls. That NEVER would have happened before. The public took action....and their demands were met (although not quite enough).

We CAN make a difference. It's not even a matter of "well, I don't watch TV or see movies, so I really don't care." You just MIGHT care when your daughter watches these TV shows & takes on an eating disorder to look like these skinny actresses. It's been proven that actresses/models influence young girls to have eating disorders, all the time. It is dumb to show a thin model modeling an outfit...cause it's not going to look QUITE the same on a size 14. Us bigger girls are not being represented, as if we don't exist. This is a far reaching problem. I don't believe them when they say that people will ONLY watch a show if there are young, thin, model-gorgeous actresses on it. That's crap. I am not suggesting making the entire cast size 12 & above....but show some reality...some regular sized women mixed in with the thin ones (like "The Practice").

I am going to start a letter writing campaign. I am going to find the addresses of important people to write to, & I will post them. I am curious who would be in on this with me...who will speak out & be heard, & make a positive change for this society.
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