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Wow....didn't expect so many responses to my brief rant about childbirth....I just saw one on TV, & it disgusted me, so I posted. I will be responding to people's comments as soon as I get some time. I am headed to bed now. I just got home from rehearsal, & I have to get up around 6AM to go to the DMV, then straight to Planned Parenthood for my pap (yessssssssss!), then on to rehearsal again.

Then I need to pack for my trip to AZ.

Hey, as a BTW, my "do you read my LJ" poll wasn't intended to insult or pressure anyone. Let's get real, who has time to sit around all day & catch up with their LJ friends? I am not even working that much during the week right now, & even *I* don't have the time to devote to that. I TRY to read back 3 pages on my friends page, & if someone hasn't posted in those 3 pages, I probably don't see it. I do my BEST to keep up. Sometimes I get really busy, sometimes I am lazy, etc. I *KNOW* that people have full time jobs, families, lives....I don't expect people to keep up with my junky journal. What the poll WAS designed to do is weed out people who probably NEVER read my journal. I am going to post the poll link a couple more times, to give people who might have honestly missed it a chance to vote...and then if they haven't I am going to be making a few cuts...which doesn't mean if someone emails me & says, "Hey, I missed the poll, & I lurk, but I swear I read, please add me back," that I wouldn't. I just have too many people on my list to keep up *IF* they don't even read! I know all 150+ cannot possibly be keeping up with me....probably not even occasionally. So if you do your best to read & comment when you can or when the mood strikes you, I am not talking to you. Like I said, I am simply trying to weed out those who genuinely don't read at all. There's no apologies necessary if you have a hard time keeping up cause you *gasp* have a life....I just don't want people on my list who add just to add....and then don't bother to EVER keep up. I'm sure you ALL understand that.
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