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I just got back from my glorious DMV & Planned Parenthood appointments.

The DMV was awesome! I am actually not being sarcastic! I couldn't believe how fast & easy it was! I was twitterpaited cause I was running late & traffic was God-awful. My appt. was for 8:50. I wanted to get there early, since my appt. at PP was so soon after, & I couldn't afford to miss it. But it didn't work out that way. I got to the DMV about 8:55, & into line around 9. They didn't care, so I got my number & sat to wait. I swear, I didn't wait longer than 5 minutes before they called my number (people without appts. are stooooopid). At first, the lady, Rosayln, seemed not too friendly. She warmed up, though. I paid my money, & handed her my driver's license. She WENT OFF! She said, "Lord, this is an awful picture! This is horrible! If you just woke up in the morning you couldn't look this bad! You are so bubbly & adorable, & you look like a DORK in this picture!" I swear, she ranted for at least 2 minutes about how awful my picture is. Frankly, I don't think it's that bad, just old (it WAS many years ago). I thought this lady was a HOOT. I found the whole thing hysterical. Then we started talking about Gov. Wilson. It was great, she was great. Then I went over for my picture. I still don't understand why people don't smile for their pictures. There I am, powdering so I don't shine, reapplying my lipgloss, fixing my hair. I still have to wear my glasses, but naturally I removed them for the picture. My damn eye is still red, but what can I do about it? How long is this frickin' thing going to take to heal? I did put some make-up on....don't worry, I used one application of the eye make-up, & am going to wash the brushes after doing that. It's a picture I am stuck with for a while, & people make fun of your DL picture, so....I hope it comes out okay. And that was it! I did NOT have to take the written exam, I am guessing cause I don't have any tickets...? I was in line at 9AM, & out of there by 9:30, at the latest! And that was after stopping back by Rosalyn & telling her I appreciated her making my day. :-) She clasped my hand & wished me luck. What a sweet, funny lady.

Then it was off to PP. I got there at 9:45, & my appt. wasn't until 10:15, but I went on in. Boy...this was NOT a quick appt. But that's okay. The nurse & I hit it off really well, & she was very grateful that I reminded her that she needed to get HER license removed. I finally got seen, & the doctor was pretty disturbed by my complaints. She said I was "way out of her scope," so she referred me to the Woman's Hospital. She said I could have endometriosis, and/or an ulcer. I definitely need to get checked out. But she did the standard tests, & it will take 3-4 weeks for the results. Everything looked & felt fine, though, so that's good. I got my pills & my free condoms (woooo-hooo) & was out of there after 12. YAAAAAY! That's done for a year! Well....done for the pap thing...I might still have to get prodded for the problems I am having.

I must say again....that damn Oliver Hudson....HOT! *puuurrrrrrr* That Katie Holmes is a lucky biatch.

My friend's cousin almost ODed on Xantax. Scary stuff. She took 20 in one day....didn't want to kill herself, only wanted "to sleep."

Told Mike that I had my gyno appt., & he asked, "Everything okay in your happy place?" HEHEHEHEHEHEHE

I think I had more to say....but I'm so sleep, I've forgotten. I have to hit the road to drive to rehearsal now. Rehearsal til 10. I want to sleep late tomorrow & then pack for AZ. I am soooo tired right now. I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night, & I am still kinda drained from being so sick...

I *really* need a new jacket. All mine are kinda threadbare....I saw one at Target I really liked, & it's not too much money....but when you have NO money, it's too much. Maybe I can get it after my b'day...I sometimes get Target gift certificates.

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