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This weekend was just fabulous.

Starting Friday afternoon, with great, intelligent, deep conversation with that cunning linguist, mr_dark. I couldn't have asked for a better traveling companion. And God bless his soul for doing the driving, since I HATE to drive. We got to Phoenix just after midnight. I was supposed to text Mike when we got to the hotel, but I just went straight to the room. He had a romantic setting all laid out, but hadn't had time to light the candles since *I* didn't tell him I was there. He made these little candle things, vanilla scented. Had a vase of red roses & purple carnations (my two fave flowers), with a couple of roses on the bed. An adorable red teddy bear sitting on a sign that he had made....a giant blow-up picture of us that said "I love you" on it. All very sweet. We were tired....so just cuddled, snuggled, & went to sleep.

I won't tell you about our Saturday morning. *wink* But it was nice & not nice...mostly nice....but due to some annoying physical pain on my end, not so nice in that respect. But nice otherwise. Heh-heh....

We walked across the street to a Mexican food restaurant. It was pretty decent. We just walked around the shopping centers in the area for a while. That was nice. We got Baskin Robbins & took it back to the room. Then we took a nap. By the time we woke up, it was time to get ready for my friends to arrive. Terri & her husband Kevin were going to be driving down from Flagstaff around 5:30, & then Karinn & her husband Dale were due around the same time, driving in from Mesa. Terri & I went to the Alabama School of Fine Arts together. We've known each other since we were 15, we were best friends in high school. After I moved to California just before I turned 18, we didn't see each other too much, maybe just a day during Xmas vacation.
The last time I saw her was at my mother's visitation, & that was Xmas '97...and very brief, & under sad circumstances. They moved from Texas to Alaska & then to Flagstaff. It was SOOOO nice to see her, & we just fell right back into things, as if we had never been apart. It's always fun to remember the past. And Karinn....boy, I just ADORE that woman! I met her on a website called 6 Degrees of Separation, many years ago. We ventured for a "woman's summit" to Tucumcari, NM, with 3 other girls from the site....towanda (whom I no longer communicate with), kali_devi, & a marvelous woman named Roni. It was a fun weekend, & Karinn & I stayed good friends. I simply adore her, & hadn't seen her since my birthday party last year! We went by Fry's Food & Drug to get a throw away camera, since I forgot mine. Who knows when I will see Terri again??? We went to a new restaurant called Gregory's, but I determined it was a bit pricey, & it seemed like everyone was a bit relieved that I said something. :-) So we went to a Chinese restaurant that was right next to Good Time Charlie's. It was pretty decent, & we crammed all 6 of us into a small booth. There was no elbow room, but everyone got along nicely, & a good time was had by all. We then walked over to GTC's for karaoke. Shannon & Gary wanted us there by 8:30, when things got started. I got carded. :-) We got a table & started flipping through the karaoke books. Shannon & Gary arrived. Shannon was the one friend of Mike's on the cruise who seemed to really open her arms to me. I dig her. :-) I sang "Fame," Mike sang "Amazed," I sang "Always" with Mike, sang "Love Shack" with Gary, Karinn sang "Love Potion No. 9," Dale sang a Chicago song, I sang "Rapture," Maike sang with Shannon, etc. Terri & Kevin didn't sing, & left early, since they had a 2 hour drive & Terri worked at 6:30AM. I was sad to see them go....I love Terri & never get to see her, & Kevin is really cool, too. You know someone is a great friend when you don't get to see them much, but things are the same as always the rare times you see each other. After some time, Mike's roommate Annette (nutty) showed up looking FINE! :-) She came with Bob, another guy from the cruise. They are too cute together. Chili & Stevum showed up, & Jay had shown up much earlier. Chili had great news....she got approved for a house loan. I was disgusted to hear that a decent house in a decent neighborhood in Phoenix can go for around $100,000-125,000....and the cheapest decent house you will find in any remotely decent neighborhood in Los Angeles is $250,000! Disgusting! Anyway....it was nice to see the folks from the cruise. Shannon brought every person she knows over the meet me....Mike said, "She likes you a lot." :-) She also got really wasted. The bar owner sent over shots to our whole table...I politely declined mine. I stuck with my Shirley Temple. :-) I sang "Flashdance" & we were out of there. I couldn't take the smoke much more. Besides the fact that I am allergic & it was making my nauseous & giving me a headache, my abdomen hadn't been feeling well. A friend of Karinn's, Michael, showed up, & we all drove back to the hotel to hang out for a while. Karinn, Dale, & Michael didn't leave til around 2AM or so, I was sad to see them go, too. Mike & I took showers to get rid of the nasty smoke smell, & face planted in bed.

Sunday, we slept in until Shannon & Gary were going to pick us up for "football." Shannon had to lend me grubby clothes & tennis shoes (too big), since all I had were jeans & high heeled boots! Shannon & Gary showed up in their van around 11:15 (we had to be out of the room by 11, but they slept in a little since Shannon was REALLY hungover). They opened up the side door for us to get in & put our stuff in....& there I saw their 3 little boys. Anyone who knows me knows I don't like kids....but I quickly fell in love with these adorable, smart little boys. Shawn is 5 & my new boyfriend (he fought Mike for me), Bret is 3 & a smartie, & Jonathan is 2 & just adorable. We stopped at Subway to get some sandwiches, & when Mike & I came back to the van, Shawn was giggling & Bret was petulant. After making Bret repeat what Shawn had done a few times (he was hard to understand), I realized that Shawn had farted. I asked him if he was going to do that again, or if he would wait until we got to the outdoor field. He said he'd wait. :-) At one point, Jonathan crawled out of his car seat, & headed over towards us. I didn't want him roaming around the back of an open van, so I scooped him up, & held him in my lap. He slapped playfully at my face, & Mike slapped playfully back at his, & Jonathan giggled. He was an adorable little love. At the field, I spun him around, & would set him on his bum. He'd stand up & say in his baby talk, "AGAIN!" I'd spin him again, & set him down. "AGAIN!" He was just so cute. Shawn told me I was "so beautiful & pretty," the little charmer. Shannon was much too hungover to really do anything, so while Gary & Mike threw the ball back & forth for hours, Shannon & I just ate, & sat & talked. I cannot believe the things she has overcome in her life. My childhood seems like a friggin' fairy tale next to hers. Shawn hung out with us quite a bit, & Bret & Jonathan just ran around (we were inside an enclosed fence). We left around 2 or so, & Shawn said to his mom, "Can Alice come back to our house for a while?" He was very disappointed when she told him that I had to get back to California. He called me "Sweetie." :-) We determined in the van that he would spend 137 days with his mom, & 49 days with me in CA. Mike "fought" him for me. Shawn said, "Next time you come, let's go ride the roller coasters, when you have some money." I told him, "No, see, if you are my boyfriend, that means YOU pay." He said, "But I don't have any money." I said, "Maybe your mom will lend you some." Shannon said, "I guess you will have to get a job." :-) Too cute. I was sad to see all THEM go, too. They dropped us off at Mike & Annette's. Annette & I hung out, chillin' on the couches while Mike took a shower. Annette's condo is gorgeous. I played with Spaz, Mike's rat. I love rats, & it made me miss mine. mr_dark called, & we made arrangements to meet them for an early dinner at Denny's. mr_dark & freakyme hadn't been able to make it to karaoke the night before (freakyme wasn't feeling well), so I hadn't gotten to meet her yet. Annette, Mike, & I piled into her car to go to Denny's, to meet mr_dark, freakyme & her son. There was no awkwardness between freakyme when we met. She's adorable & sweet. We had dinner, all had some pie (pecan for some, pumpkin for the rest), & mr_dark & I were off for CA. I was sad to leave Mike....gee, I was just sad to leave everyone!

And the awesome trip included another awesome conversation on the way home with mr_dark. I love being funny & silly...but it's so nice to have intelligent conversation sometimes. :-) And I cannot thank him enough for letting me tag along. What an awesome weekend!
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