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I am so pissed off, I could spit fire.

This post is going to be a massive vent, so if you are not in the mood to read negativity or cuss words, move along. In other words,

This year, Erin & I have had to learn 3 new shows for Xmas at Knott's. This is the first time we have had so many shows to learn at once, & we've only had 4 rehearsals so far. Unlike the characters, who just have to learn blocking & choreography, we have to learn both of those AND lines AND lyrics to songs...for 3 different shows. The tree lighting show opens for the employees on Wednesday (including the guy who runs the whole park, Jack), & all the shows open for the public on Thursday.

First, I come in today to find out that Tim, my supervisor, didn't schedule me as JT on Thursday. That would have been the only day I could have done it actually in front of an audience before going out of town. But noooooo. He made me escort, & made Erin JT, 5 days in a row! I really would have liked to have done it ONCE in front of an audience before I left for 4 days, to come back & not have done it. So that irritated me. Then Erin & I worked our butts off at rehearsal, which is fine. We had a brief break, but we were up & doing stuff almost all the time. I laughed so hard at one point, when Erin & I learned a new game from the kids who are in the Calico show with us, that all the mucus just chillin' in my lungs decided to come back up, so now I am coughing really bad again. Swell. Coughing is GREAT for your vocal cords!!!!!

So then, it's the end of the night, 9:30PM (rehearsal ends at 10), & we are about to start one last run through of the tree lighting show. I happen to look over at Tim & ask him, "Do you know yet who's going to be doing the employee tree lighting yet?" I was hoping to do JT, because hey, I like Jack to see me perform, I admit it. So Tim says, "No, not yet.....except Erin is doing JT & you are doing Storyteller." Ummmmm.....EXCUSE ME?????? Storytelling is NOT our job. Not only that....but I have LESS THAN 48 hours to learn that spot, when I am ALREADY under pressure to learn the other THREE shows!!!! I get to read the stories from a giant book, but I still need to be familiar enough with them to not stumble over things in front of the man that runs the park & pays my paycheck!!!!! One story I am reading is "Twas the Night Before Xmas." I do not like that story. Not only do I not like that story, but because the lines rhyme, you have to read it a certain way. Lines that rhyme are one reason I hate & don't do classical theatre. The story ain't that easy to read CORRECTLY. Then I have to read a story that I have NEVER HEARD OF in my entire life. I don't even know the name of it, "Polar something-or-other." I pitched such a hissy that Tim had to tell me to calm down. I threw a piece of tape. I was mad as hell. He told me that Julie (the area manager...two supervisors over Tim...it goes Tim, then Craig, then Julie) personally requested me to be the Storyteller. Bullshit. She favors Erin cause Erin is engaged to a guy that used to work with Julie. Julie wanted Erin in JT, & that left ONLY ME to play Storyteller. There wasn't anyone else to do it. It wasn't a matter of me being requested...there was no one else to do it. I'm not stupid. So then, after much tantrum throwing (I STRONGLY dislike surprises, especially when it means that I am going to be unprepared & looking like an ass in front of very important people), we go to Tim's office so he can make copies of the "script" & stuff for me. He prints out "Twas the Night Before Xmas" for me....and then tells me that he doesn't have access to the other story I will be reading....yep, the one I have never heard of. So by the time I get this fucking story, I will have LESS than 24 hours to get familiar with it, & that doesn't include time I will be asleep!!!! A story I have never heard of! And then I ask him what the plan is. He says I will read "Twas," then there will be a sing-a-long, then I will read this Polar story, & then I'm done. So I say, "Who's doing the sing-a-long," because it's usually the Calico Carolers who do it. He says, "You are, the Storyteller." Great. "Well, what songs am I singing?" "I don't have that information for you. It's a medley of 4 songs, Xmas songs." "Well, I don't know every Xmas song there is by heart & well enough to sing it a cappella!" Holy crap. I am going out there in front of all these important suits, reading a story that's hard to read, a story I have NEVER heard, & singing a medley of 4 songs that I MAY OR MAY NOT know....and darlings, it's not easy to sing songs you aren't that familiar with a cappella. I will not find out what songs I am singing nor get a copy of the other story until I get there at 4PM tomorrow....& I have to perform all of it, alone, in front of people, at 4PM on the next day. I am MAD AS HELL about it. And not a damn thing I can do about it. The girl who is normally the Storyteller can't be there that night, which is why I have to do it (Erin & I are the understudies, which is another beef, cause we weren't asked....we were just told, "Hey, you guys are the understudies.") I am so mad, I don't even know what to do. My mind was so consumed with it's anger, I don't even remember the 35 minute ride home.

I am a perfectionist, ESPECIALLY when performing. I HATE being unprepared, & I hate being surprised, & I hate feeling used & like "second fiddle."

Then I get in the car & open my juice & it spills all over me, so now I am all sticky.

Then I get home, go to put the trash out, & discover my TRASH neighbors have put their TWO empty 12 packs of Bud in my trash can again. I guess they drink 24 a week, the losers. I guess I could say AT LEAST the had the decency to fold the empty boxes up this time to make them take up less space, but the fucking IDIOTS put them in the wrong can....it's empty cardboard, it SHOULD go in the blue can (recycles), not the black can. IDIOTS. So I dumped the can over, crawled inside it, grabbed the crap, & threw them BACK in their cans. Fucking pieces of trash. SOOOOOO was not in the mood for THAT.

Then I find out that a friend (you may remember her, crankyangel) had to put her adorable doggie, Celsius, to sleep today. Her boyfriend emailed me to let me know. He wasn't very old, but had seizures, & the seizures had gotten so bad, he couldn't take any higher of a dosage of medication for them, & had begun to lose his memory. It was decided that it was best to put him down, & he's only around 3-4 years old. He was a sweet, lovable, adorable dog...and it's very sad. I cannot imagine how she feels....I know I will be devasted the say I have to put Duncan down. Our pets are like our children.

So yeah....it's been a really fucking crappy day. I am going to bed now & putting this day to rest.
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