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Why are people so stupid????

I log on & see that I have my usual list of ten guys who want to meet me on Hot or Not. I go to check them out....and the majority said things in their profile about how much they like beer, they love drinking, "420," etc. My profile is VERY specific in that I am not interested in guys who smoke cigarettes or weed, or drink---particularly beer. I'm very clear about it. So....are they just clicking based on the picture alone & not reading the profile? That seems next to impossible, since the profile is only 250 characters in length. That would be incredibly stupid & lazy. Stupid because why in the WORLD would you click on someone without reading a little of what they are about??? I might find the pic of a really hot guy....& then to go on & read his profile to find out that he worships Satan or kills small animals, or has 5 kids, or smokes weed, etc. It's just foolish to not read the profiles. So then if we are to assume that these guys are not lazy assholes, then that means they are even MORE stupid....because they are responding to someone who is specifying that they don't like what they do. That would be like me responding to the profile of a guy who says he dislikes short busty girls, dislikes blonde hair, only wants an Asian girl, etc. Why be so stubborn? Are they so conceited as to think that, despite the things they do that I don't approve of, they will win me over anyway, with their immense charm? Please. Gimme a break. I simply can't figure out why these guys want to waste their time like this. I wouldn't waste my time clicking on someone who wants what I am not, or doesn't want what I am. There are too many people out there who WILL accept you as you are & for what you do, so why waste your time clicking on people who will not? Although, I guess a possible argument is that it doesn't take a lot of time to click on "yes," & move on to the next picture. But it IS an annoying waste of MY time. Maybe I should go back & type into my profile, "Please do not click 'yes' if you drink, smoke, or do drugs." But I SERIOUSLY doubt it would make a difference. And THAT'S what I don't get.

I am getting so frustrated with being a moderator on Hot or Not. It's fun, & passes the time, but the other moderators are stupid. Everytime I reject something---with good reason---the majority of the other moderators accepted the pic/profile...which drops my accuracy rating, even though *I* am in the RIGHT. I rejected several pics/profiles today that were group shots....group shots are only accepted if the person who's posting the pic/profile is distinct in the pic...meaning an arrow pointing at them, their face circled, etc. Well, no one stood out in these group shots I rejected. You couldn't tell who you were supposed to be rating. Therefore, you HAVE to reject it. So I rejected....and THREE other moderators had approved it. HUH??? Do my rating goes down....excuse me? Where is the fairness in that? I rejected ones that had hidden email addresses in it (the profiles cannot contain contact info), & other moderators accepted it. So my rating goes down. I rejected one in which the profile stated that the person was 17 (you must be 18 to post), & 3 other moderators had accepted it. **sigh** I dislike that my accuracy rating is affected by idiots. The only time I am wrong is on the pics where the person LOOKS under 18...you just can't be sure. So sometimes I will reject a picture because the person looks too young...when truly the person might be old enough. That's a tough judgment call. But I am really good at finding hidden emails, & duh, it's not hard to read someone say they are 17, & not hard to know to reject a photo that is a group shot with no one singled out, etc. But I am on a friendly basis with one of the founders of Hot or Not, & he assures me they are not going to drop me as a moderator, that I should just keep doing my best. Hey...my best is all I can ever do.

Things are piling up on me again. I need to make a bunch of CDs for friends & my sister, & I just feel like I am running out of time. 2 of them need to get finished this week, because they are Xmas CDs for Mary & Julie, & they don't want them much later than this week....otherwise, what's the point? Then I have to finish my Xmas CDs, & the 80's CDs for my sister, etc. I had wanted to record a Xmas carol CD of me singing for my grandparents....and then I woke up with a cold this morning. I had a sore throat when I went to sleep last night, & woke up today still having it, plus sniffles & a bad headache. Bummer. I can't sing when I am sick, that's awful for your vocal cords. What terrific timing. :-(

I need money again. Yes, daddy paid December's rent....how is January's getting paid? I am concerned about that. Already. **sigh**

He gave me the daddy speech again. Where is this elusive success, he asks. I said things were going to start happening in April/May, & he said, "Why April/May? Why not January, February, or March?" I explained that to him, about the PhillySwirl guy. If they decide to do the commercials, it will be around April/May. One job I said I might get, he vetoed it...saying I had too much character for it. I also have to keep my dream alive....no matter what.

More later.....

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