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I am starting to seriously feel pressured again.

I am jumping in the shower to go to work...won't get home til around 11PM...into bed....wake up tomorrow, have to be at work by 3 (so must leave around 1:30 or so)...there til 10, home around 11....then back to work on Thursday at 11AM (so leaving around 9:30 or so) til 7PM....and then THAT is the only time that I have to get ready for my trip. I leave out of here by taxi (with no money to pay for it, no less) around 4:45-5AM Friday morning. I truly wanted to leave my house decently clean...that ain't gonna happen. When I get back, I work EVERY day....and still must find time to clean before Mike gets here that weekend. Yeah, that's gonna happen. My room is close to being as clean as it's gonna get, but I have to find time to go completely through my closet & get rid of stuff I don't wear (yeah, that will take some time with me....being a pack rat), so I can fit my newer clothes in the closet, instead of "hanging" them on the foot of my bed. Gotta change the sheets, but everything else away...somewhere.
Gotta straighten the living room...won't get to the stuff behind the couch, but at least the stuff in the main part of the living room. Gotta straighten the kitchen (not too much to do there) & the bathroom (which actually looks okay), & the pc room....although that is the least of my worries, since I could technically keep that door closed.
Ai-yi-yi. I still have to memorize everything for these 3 shows that open on Thursday....and still have to get familiar with the Storytelling stuff I am doing tomorrow. *sigh*

I have NO money for my birthday party....I have had to resort to requesting that people pay $5 each for pizza, in addition to the fee to skate. I HATE doing that. But how could I afford enough pizza to feed everyone? What a loser I am. My calling service called...I must pay them $80 by Monday, or I go into the suspended file (which means they would not look for work for me). I have to pay my $141 car insurance next week. I have no rent money. My gas bill is overdue. Other bills are WAY overdue. Yeah. My life sucks. It's official.

Someone put me out of my misery.

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