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So I get in my car to rehearse the Xmas show on my drive down....and discover that, due to my horrendous, violent coughing fit last night, I lost portions of my voice. I still have my chest voice, & higher notes in my head, but I basically lost my mid range....which happens to be RIGHT where I sing "Peace on Earth." *sigh* I warned my director that the rest of the songs would be okay, but that I would probably be squeaking out "Peace on Earth." Well, after the show, she said (on mic, no less) that it sounded "beautiful, even if you ARE claiming to have lost your voice." Whatever. I think I suck ass on that song. I feel fine about "Need a Little Xmas," "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas," & "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," but I am really insecure about "Peace on Earth." It's just in a part of my range that is horribly underused, so I am not confident there. The director (Julie), my supervisor (Tim), the carolers, & my co-workers all told me that I sound "great....beautiful....whatever," I just don't believe them.

Voice.....PLEASE come back.
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