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I went by 7/11 to get change for a $20 for the cab tomorrow. I stood at the counter to buy my Munchos for a good full minute or more while the clerk stood a foot away, cleaning his teeth with a toothpick. And yeah, he saw me. I guess he thought getting all the turkey out of his teeth was more important than his customer. Yeah.

I am packing for my trip tomorrow. I get picked up (hopefully) by my cab tomorrow at 5AM. My flight is at 6:45, I am assuming that is enough time (the airport is 5 minutes away). I don't know how many people will be flying out the day AFTER Thanksgiving (flying back, yes...but flying out?). I get so annoyed by traveling. I just find traveling to be stressful & annoying. And it's SUCH a looooong flight.

I REALLY needed to make money this week....but I try to rationalize this trip. How often does my last remaining grandfather turn 90??? Ummm, yeah, once. And it was REALLY important to my grandmother that I come. She *really* wants me there this weekend, & there's almost nothing I wouldn't do for my grandmother. And I always wonder when I will be seeing them for the last time. At this point, each time I see them could be my last, sadly enough. Heck, something could happen to me! Life is so unpredictable. I mean, I never thought I'd lose my mother before ANY of my grandparents! As I get older, I enjoy my grandmother's company more & more. She is a wise, sharp, smart old lady! And heck, it was important enough to my father for him to pay $500 for my tickets! Sheesh! So I traded 3 working days (about $225!) to spend this time with my family. *sigh* That would have been $225 to pay towards my rent! But I think it's important that I be with them this weekend. And how neat that I will see them on my b'day! And the BONUS is that I get to see chappell & Toby! What more could one ask for??? Oh yeah...don't forget, I get to have Krystal's! YAHOOOOOOO!

Won't be on much until Monday night/Tuesday. Have a good one, everyone! On Thanksgiving, I would like to say thank you to all of you for being my friend! Your friendships have been a blessing to me!
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