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I have so much to report about my trip, but just no energy to do it. I have been up since 5AM (3AM, CA time), had a long day of flying & stress...and then work. I am actually going to bed at 9PM. I'm exhausted. I will have to make a report some other time.

Ummmm.....someone from LJ sent me an email titled "Just defined hypocritical better than I ever"....it was from "DT61fvlzrie@begdghto.o," which appears to be a fake addy to me. Whatever you sent....I can't view it. Sorry. And unless you are trying to send something nasty, it's always nice to mention who you are. Strange.

I could use a favor....send me prayers, meditation, positive vibes, etc. at noon PST tomorrow (Wed.). I am audition for the new Kate Hudson movie, & one of the roles I am reading for is a role I *really* want. I'd appreciate all the positive vibes I could get.

That's another frustrating thing...they told me not to worry about memorizing the lines, but I hate to go in unprepared & reading from the sides. But I just don't have the energy tonight. I have tomorrow morning & Thursday morning to get my house decently clean for Mike's visit this weekend, & a couple girlfriends are staying over Thursday night. I have to leave around 11:30 tomorrow for the audition, & around 1PM on Thursday for work, so that's not a lot of time to get things cleaned. *sigh* I need more time to clean, & time to memorize my lines...but no such luck. :-(

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.
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