Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Oooo, my achin' feet!

Whooo, boy. I cannot even describe how badly my feet hurt. I had rehearsals for a new show at Knott's Wed., Thurs., Fri. night. Then we had to be there at 8AM today to rehearse before the park open, since today was opening day. I haven't been very active lately, not to mention that I roll my feet (inward) & have no arches. I haven't been on my feet this much for a looong time (with the exception of showing Gurus Liz & Karinn around Hollywood), & it's showing. From my calves down, I ache. As we speak, I am soaking my aching dogs in hot water. Seriously....my feet have been aching so badly that they wake me up in my sleep! That's bad!!! And I don't get a break. I will be on my feet all day tomorrow at work (at least I am not doing the show, so I will only be standing as opposed to dancing all day). Then I have to run errands all day Monday, & then performing again on Tuesday...IF I don't get called in to work on Wednesday, I swear I am going to crawl around on my hands & knees & not put any weight on my poor wittle tootsies. I haven't been in this much pain in a long time...<>

On a positive note....the show opened really well today. Lots of techs came out to watch, my supervisors came out to watch, our department manager...and everyone was really pleased. My supervisor, Julie, said I was adorable, almost digustingly cute! Interesting. They put me in this silly little Easter dress & bonnet. I swear, it's something I would have worn when I was 5 or 6. Frilly lace socks, white leather keds....it IS a cute look, but very young & silly.
I alternately had people I knew laughing hysterically at me & thinking I was adorable. We are pushing to change our costume to cuffed jeans & a waist tie checkered farm girl shirt, with the bonnet....& the costumer agreed....and THEN she saw me in the dress doing the show & thought I was so cute, she wants us to stay in it! This is the first time being "cute" has been a hinderance! But one girl who performs the same thing I do would NOT look good in this outfit...and the other girl, a petite blonde like me, would also look absolutely adorable (better than me, I think). The show is really, really cute, all the guests seem to really like it. We do hoedowns & dance to "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," by John Denver. It's a ten minute show, during which we never stop moving & dancing, & I am constantly singing. One number, we go straight from dancing into me having to sing solo, & I am in such bad shape, it's hard for me to catch my breath enough to sing well! But it's fun, fun, fun....

Monday night should be interesting....I am going to a sporting event with my ex-boyfriend's brother. I was attracted to John before I even started dating Tim (names have been changed to protect the innocent!). But I unwisely chose to date Tim (we had nothing in common, yet made great friends). So now...I THINK there is attraction between myself & John. If he comes back to my place...I don't know what will happen. Everyone is telling me I shouldn't go there, but how would I be able to resist? I don't have that kind of strength. I have wanted this guy forever, he's very hot! Not only physically, but we have definitely connected on a mental level, too. We have a lot in common, & I simply enjoy his company. Complicating the matter....John is seeing someone. They are just dating, he has made it very clear that they don't have a committment. But she works in my department. Also, Tim's new girlfriend is one of my best friends...and I would be worried that she would find out, & tell Tim, & it might hurt him. I mean, he doesn't want me anymore, he is blissfully happy with my friend, but you still don't want your ex dating your sibling. And I don't like lying to my friends, at all, so I am not sure I could keep if from her. What to do, what to do....I could be worrying over nothing, maybe he is not even attracted to me at all. But I made some comment once about how we needed to have "no-strings-attached sex", & he agreed....and when I said I was only half-kidding, he said he knew that. Big time mixed signals, so who knows? I guess I will play it by ear.

Gotta go get some more hot water....

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