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I did the best I could at the audition today. Tommy (one of Garry's assistants, the one who video tapes the audition for Garry to watch later) had me read for Caitlin (the part that fits me the most) twice. The second time, he told me to be "bigger." I told him that concerned me, cause Garry tends to think I overact already. He said that Caitlin IS way over the top, very superficial. So I did it a bit bigger. I read the waitress once ("Not much you can do with the waitress. You wanna read it again more goth?" "Yeah, let me slip in my fake nose ring, & I'll read it again."). Then the "girl in disco" 3 times. My guesses? Caitlin is probably already cast with a "name" actress. When I read for 2 parts in "Princess Diaries," BOTH parts were already cast, with Mandy Moore & Heather Matarazzo. Caitlin is a pretty big role, Kate Hudson's best friend. I would imagine they want a recognizable actress in the role. I felt I read the waitress role really well...but the script says she's "goth"...and I am not sure anyone would buy me as goth. I was the only person so far who had read for the girl at the disco, so I would guess I have the best chance at that role....the girl is bitter, though, & that's not my forte. I'd be happy with ANYTHING that speaks & stays in the final cut. But knowing Garry's pattern, I will end up working on the film as background, & the last day, be bumped up to a speaking line that he pulls out of his ass, that will more than likely end up on the cutting room floor. *sigh* I would love to actually be CAST in a part---however small---that might actually end up staying in the movie. I'd love to be SEEN.

Garry stopped by to say "hi" to me...which was kinda funny cause he has complete laryngitis...so he was TRYING to say "hi." He sent me a b'day card...he signed it, "This might be the year." But I am pretty sure he said that same thing last year....and it wasn't.

I have a horrible headache....I feel like I will never get 100% well. I STILL have cold symptoms, & my voice is still hanging by a thread. This is frustrating. My life sucks, & I should be able to say, "At least I have my health"....but I can't.

A bunch of people who told me they were coming to my b'day party have backed out. That's a bummer. I know things come up...but it's still a bummer.

I still can't decide between ice & roller skating...but pretty sure I am leaning towards roller now. A lot more people can roller skate...ice skating is a lot harder, & it's MUCH harder on your ankles. You have to have really strong ankles, & most people don't. When you ice skate, you tend to have to rest a lot more....especially if you haven't done it in a while (or ever). Plus, roller skating takes me down memory lane to a time when I used to always go....and was the roller racing champ. The final point is that I have had 2 ice skating parties in the last 4 years....and no roller skating parties. So a change would be nice. Next year, I am going to book this side-by-side rink that lets you go back & forth between the ice & roller rinks....so people will have the option to do both. :-)

Did okay in our Xmas shows tonight...first time doing them. I didn't know what I was doing in the street show, but that's the least important. Sang "Peace on Earth" pretty well. Did fine in the tree lighting show. I picked Erin's friend Amberli to come up & help us light our tree, cause Erin asked me to...and then my manager chastised me for it...and Erin didn't claim responsibility, she just stood there. Of course.....I didn't HAVE to do it, so I guess it's still my fault. Oh well. Julie (my manager) said there were lots of disappointed kids....well....if there's 50 kids who want to be chosen, & I choose a friend, 50 kids are disappointed. If I choose a kid, 49 kids are still disappointed. Whatever.

Have tomorrow morning to clean my room, the kitchen, the bathroom, & the living room....*sigh* Not enough time!!!!!
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