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[LIZ approved] :-)

"Not to sound conceided, but I am a fairly intelligent guy."

That was a quote from a guy's profile on Hot or Not. Um....I hate to break it to ya, my friend, but you are not terribly intelligent if you cannot spell conceited correctly. ;- Do people pronounce the "t" in conceited like a "d?" I don't.

Anyways.......I am soooooooooooooo excited. I just spoke on the phone with a casting director at Central for about 45 minutes. We just really seemed to hit it off. He said he'd really try to hook me up with work on his shows (the one he casts) in the New Year (things are on Xmas hiatus), & also introduce me to other casting directors to try to get hooked up with work on other shows. I will probably have an automatic hook-up with "Friends," which is one show Rodney casts. He called me today to ask if I could work on "Friends" tomorrow & Friday. Apparently, it was a personal request from Courteney Cox-Arquette!!! Wooo-hooo! I have to work at Knott's on Friday, but I wasn't ABOUT to turn it down. I'm not crazy. I will call in personal if I have to. A person like me doesn't turn down a request from Courteney Cox-Arquette. Anyway, guess what other shows Rodney casts? Two of my faves: "Charmed" & "The X-Files!" Unbelievable! I told him I would be THRILLED to work those shows...and he said he'd make it happen. How cool would it be to be an alien or monster on "X-Files?" Or an FBI agent. Whatever. Too cool. I can't wait until January. Maybe I won't have to work a horrible job that's beneath me, after all!

The only drag is that I will probably have to call in personal on Friday, & I was repairing my record. I have not called in since LAST December (a year ago), but I have had some lates (when you live 35 miles away, only accessible by freeway, you are at the mercy of freeway traffic/accidents/Cal Trans, etc.). My record was clearing up...but I think an infraction to work on "Friends" is a fair trade! I don't plan on working at Knott's for that much longer, anyway. Also...tomorrow was my only day off this week. I won't have another day off until NEXT Thursday, & THAT is the day me, Erin, & Alicia are planning to spend the entire day at Disneyland. So in other words, I might not have a day off at all to do laundry, clean, & pack for my trip. And I still need to burn all these CDs. I haven't done laundry in probably at least a month. It's piled up like you wouldn't believe (don't worry...I have lots of underwear). So I was really looking forward to having the whole day tomorrow to burn CDs & do laundry & straighten up. But not now. That's okay. I need the money & the opportunies more than I need clean clothes. Besides.....last time I worked "Friends," I only worked 3-4 hours on Thursday. We went in at 11, & were dismissed by 2. Thursdays are just rehearsal days, & they are usally really short. So more than likely, I will have the majority of tomorrow afternoon & tomorrow night to get some stuff done. And even Fridays, I was let go by 6PM or so...so I'd still have Friday night. And I have next week BEFORE 2PM to do stuff, too.

That just reminded me. I was supposed to go to my friend, Joel's, party Friday night. He was REALLY looking forward to me coming (I think he has a little crush). He just sent me an email, in fact, telling me how excited he was that me & my friends were coming to his party. But since I am working on "Friends" Friday, I am not about to get off in the early evening & drive all the way down to Orange County. **sigh** And I don't know if Erin & Julie & Alicia will go without me. I will implore them to go for at least an hour, to make an appearance. But they still might not. I was kinda the ringleader, & since I'm not going.....poor Joel. I feel really bad now. Although, I am sure he will understand.

I am going to go burn some CDs now...I can't be up too late.

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