Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

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Just a quickie....

Know what I think is chickenshit? When an ex-friend makes his journal friends-only so you can't read it anymore, even when you WANTED to keep up....but since yours is not locked, he still reads yours. I won't lock mine, I think it's lame to have a completely locked journal (if you are gonna do that, just keep an offline journal). I feel the main benefit of LJ is to make new friends...you can't do that with a friends-only journal. I realize some people have their reasons, but still....

I just think it's crummy to lock your journal so someone you once considered a friend (& you lost through your OWN actions, not hers) can't keep up with you anymore....and then still read hers. Crummy & unfair. But then....*sigh*....life isn't fair, is it?
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