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Soooooo tired, for some reason.

Had my roller skating party last night. Fortunately, no one got hurt, beyond maybe some sore muscles & blisters. I couldn't believe how tired I got & how much my shin muscles burned, but I got more used to it as the night went on. I think I am a better ice skater than roller skater, although I WAS roller racing champ as a kid!

We were discussing how, as a kid, you have no fear, & you just get out there & skate, & don't think about getting hurt. As an adult, you are all cautious, & fearful....maybe cause you know how brittle your body is & KNOW you can get seriously hurt.

I had around 30+ people confirm they would be there "for sure" (& many more "probablys"), & 19 people showed. That's lame. Californians are truly flaky. I just don't get it. Some people had decent excuses...I DO realize shit happens & things can come up last minute. But others...I STILL haven't heard why they didn't show, or get an apology email or phone call. Flakes are lame.

But those who showed seemed to have a good time. Mary & Chris came, Maranda & her beau Stephen seemed to have a blast, Alicia was having fun, Mike, Annette, & Bob seemed to have a good time, Reggie & Andrea showed up late (Andrea got lost!), Andrea (another one) had a good time, Matt had a blast (he brought two friends, who were cool), Daniel & his girlfriend, Julie & Anthony came but didn't skate. Shawn & Erin never made it, they had Hannukah & left LA late. We had yummy cake, ice cream & soda....and I got some great gifts (the one from Andrea was AMAZING!!!!). Another birthday...come & gone. Thinking about having another one in June, since December seems to be a horrible month to have a birthday ("I can't come, I'm caroling/have my office Xmas party/have no money/going out of town/etc.").

A few of us went to Denny's afterwards. Got home late, woke up kinda early, & Mike & I walked to the store to get some food for breakfast. It ended up being a much longer walk than I thought (Mike is guessing 5 miles there & back), which may be why I am so drained. But it was such a pretty day for a walk...and when I am talking to someone, I really don't notice that I am walking far. But my out of shape body noticed, & I am just exhausted. Mike put together a cabinet unit I have had sitting her in the box for 3 years, no one to help me put it together (too cumbersome for me alone). That was awesome of him. I can't wait to get this house looking decent.

EXTREMELY stressed about money. Need about $500 to catch up on some bills that are about to get me in big trouble (cause they are 2+ months late), & about $500 to catch up on the rest...not to mention $800 rent for January, & only two more weeks of work before I leave for 'bama again. *sigh* Think anyone would pay me for sex? (Kidding!)

Thanks to everyone who wished me a "happy b'day"....I really appreciate it. :-)

Andrea G's gift was stunning...she took a headshot of mine & printed it out on a bunch of coffee mugs & pens...to give to agents to "remember" me. Wow. Costly. Wonderful. Sheesh. Mike gave me a gorgeous diamond ring. It's really pretty, I was impressed. It has crosses carved into it, which is kinda odd for a non-Christian, but I happen to find crosses to be pretty...and the setting & band is just stunning. Andrea Z. gave me Justin Timberlake's new CD that I had been wanting. Bob gave me a K-Mart gift certificate, which is great for "necessities." Annette gave me cash, which is ALWAYS awesome (I used it to get a money order I owed someone, so it was very helpful!). Matt gave me a $25 gift certificate to Target, which is wonderful. And Reggie, Alicia, & Daniel gave me g.c. to Best Buy ($15, $20, $25), which is AWESOME cause I am saving up for an inexpensive DVD player...and that ALMOST pays for it! Stoked!!!! Erin has something for me, too, but I don't know what. I will see her tomorrow.

I need $500 by the 10th.....RIIIIIIIIGHT. That's likely to happen. *sigh*
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