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OK....so I am supposed to go to this hockey game with John tomorrow night, but as of yet, I have not heard from him yet. He was supposed to call me last night to work out the plans, & here it is 10:30 & he has not called me yet. I gave him the tickets to hold on to, so I am freaking out. They weren't cheap. I am afraid he might have gotten the impression that I could not go, although I only told him I might not be able to. I called his house 45 minutes ago, talked to his mom, & John was in the shower. Well, he cannot possibly still be in the shower. Sheesh....what a hassle. I just want to set a time to meet & be done with it, & now I feel like I am bugging him, but come on!

My dad pissed me off tonight. I asked him to pitch in a little bit of money towards fixing my car's A/C, but that if he didn't want to, I would understand. All he had to do is say he didn't want to. I hardly ever ask for financial help. Hardly EVER. I pay my own bills. I work hard. But this will be a $500 bill. So I asked for some help. In addition to a denial, I got a speech, about how kids always ask for help for things we think our parents will deem "important," (medical, car, insurance, etc.) but fail to mention to them the "stupid shit" we spend money on, like perfume, CDs, etc. Well, in my opinion, buying a couple of CDs every once in a while is WAAAAY different than forking out a lump sum of $500. Not to mention, the most important point....years ago, he promised to "always" help me with medical & car expenses. Now he doesn't want to. Shame on me for asking him to help me with something he said he would promised he always would. Sheesh...

My feet still hurt. I think it's getting an insy-weensy bit better. I just went by Sav-On to buy a bunch of stuff to put into my shoes that are supposed to help my heel pain. I think it might be either because my feet roll in, or because I have flat feet, or both. Maybe I should see a podiatrist. After all, you only get one set of feet, right?

Some guy responded to my personals ad today, commenting that it was amazing for someone with only a high school education to be so picky. I pointed out that millions of college graduates, & people with master's degrees, are complete idiots....and some people without high school diplomas are some of the smartest people you will ever meet. I don't need a college degree to know what I deserve. I also pointed out that because I don't "need" a man, I am in no hurry, therefore, I can be as picky as I'd like!!!!!

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