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Well, I am home from "Friends."

What a life...."working" a total of 30 minutes MAX (if you call sitting at a table in Central Perk & pretending to drink coffee & talk "work")....sitting 2 feet or less away from David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, & Matt Le Blanc.....eating free, yummy food....on the set from 11:30AM-4PM....all that, & I get paid $105 for doing it (pre-taxes, of course). You can't beat that with a stick.

Uneventful day. I felt awful on the set. I forgot to take some cold medication before I left the house (I wanted to get some food in my belly first), so I absolutely felt miserable. I kept having to blow my nose, & not only is that awful anyway, I hate doing it in public. I have to be back at 10AM tomorrow, & I really hope I am feeling better. I am going to go to bed early tonight, & hopefully get lots of good, solid sleep. And HOPEFULLY not forget to take some medication tomorrow before I leave!

Some guy on the set today (another extra) kept calling me Charlene. He thinks I look just like Charlene Tilton. Apparently, he did a game show pilot with her 8 years ago. And he thinks I look just like her. Ironically, I auditioned against her daughter for Dororthy in a local production of "Wizard of Oz," & I got the part. I later saw Charlene & her daughter again at Garry's office, & they remembered me. If I see her again, I will have to tell me that lots of people tell me I look like her. If she ever makes a comeback & they do a flashback scene, I could play her daughter. I look more like her than her daughter does.

This guy was a bit odd. It's funny to me....every show or movie I work on, there is a LEAST one weirdo. Usually more than one. He just came up & started chatting like we went way back. He was talking about how big Charlene Tilton's boobs were, like I care. And then he came up & just started playing with my hair, & asked me, "Who cuts your hair....you?", telling me that I had about 12 different layers to it. I know, I know, I need a trim...but geez. This was a complete stranger. Everyone else seems pretty nice. I am in 3 different scenes, & I have 3 different "friends," one in each scene. In the first scene, I am sitting at a table behind the star's couch, & in the 2nd one, I am sitting at a table by the door, to the right of the couch. In the third, I walk in from outside with the weird guy, & stand at the bar, behind the couch. I have to change clothes 3 times...and since my hair seems to attract a lot of attention (that is almost all you saw last time I was on the show), I had better change my hair, too.

I feel badly about calling in sick to Knott's tomorrow...but truthfully, I really am sick. I will do a LOT less work at "Friends" then I would have been doing at Knott's. So it's not really being dishonest. I am very ill. On "Friends," I will be mostly just sitting around doing nothing. And I haven't called in to Knott's since LAST December, so I think I can still be considered a good employee!

I called Courteney's assistant, Alletta, today, to let her know I'd be on the set. I left a message on her voice mail. She called me back shortly after, & left me a voice mail. She said she had left a message for Carlos (the 1st AD), a while back, asking him to use me again if he could, since I wasn't doing my show anymore, but apparently, he never got the message. That's why the last two episodes passed without them calling me. Which is actually for the best, because I wouldn't have been able to call in to Knott's all those Fridays. So she finally was talking to him, & asked if he had gotten that message, & he hadn't, so he said he'd call me in for this episode, which is the last one til the New Year.
She also thanked me kindly for the Knott's tickets I had sent her....she had never been before, & apparently, they had a really good time. She also mentioned that Carlos was only having me back because I obviously did a good job before, showing up on time, being where they needed me, etc. So she thanked me for being professional & responsible. I truly take pride in that. I am sometimes stunned by the immaturity & unprofessionalism of some extras. It may be an easy job, but it's still a job. And I take it as seriously as any other.

Winona Ryder arrested for shoplifting. Holy smokes! What is the world coming to? Why are so many celebrities losers? I understand celebrities are people to & people are losers, but I just think celebrities should set good examples....like it or NOT, they ARE emulated. Kids ARE looking up to them. They shouldn't be----they should be looking up to their parents, teachers, etc.---but they DO idolize celebrities. And it disappoints me every time a celebrity does something remarkably stupid. I expect more. Everyone does stupid things, I am not talking about stupid little things. But shoplifting is a MAJOR stupid thing. WTF was she thinking? She couldn't possibly need the money. And she has to be close to 30 & has never done anything like this before (indicating that she doesn't have a problem). She was also caught with prescription pain killers on her that APPEAR to be not prescribed to her. Her lawyer, of course, just appeared on the news saying that Winona did not steal anything, & the drugs were prescribed to her. Allegedly, she was caught trying to remove the sensor thingys on some clothes...and had around $4500 worth of stuff, unpaid for, in her possession. Yasmine Bleeth was just arrested with syringes & cocaine in her possession. She will probably get off with a slap on the wrist....I think she should go to prison like a regular joe would. I DON'T think celebrities should get special favors when it comes to the law.

flameprinces.....I got your card in the mail today. Bend over, & take it like a man! (she's getting a spanking, get your minds out of the gutter!) ;-

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