Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

Ripped from ohmyhead, who ripped it from psychomagnet.

1. If you could be instantly fluent in one other language that you currently do not read or speak, which would it be?
Spanish, definitely. Boy, would it come in handy here.

2. If you could have the starring role in any film already made, what would it be?
Oh sure, ask a struggling actress THIS question....off the top of my head: Princess Buttercup in "Princess Bride," the lead role in "Princess Diaries," Sandy in "Grease," Stephanie in "Grease 2," (shut up all yous!), Elisabeth Shue's role in "Adventures in Babysitting," Princess Leia in "Star Wars," & oooooooh so many others.

3. If you could receive one small package this very moment, who would it be from and what would be in it?A check for many millions of dollars from the lottery commission (hey, a check IS small!).

4. If you could own one work of art from any collection in the world but were not able to sell it, which work of art would you select?Don't know too much about art...maybe something by Stanko. I dig his use of color.

5. If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfectly that you never have played before, what would it be?Well, for my singing, probably either guitar or piano...guitar if I had to choose. But I have always been fascinated by drums, too.

6. If you could possess one supernatural ability, what would it be? I don't think I could choose just one. If I HAD to, I guess I would choose the ability to read minds...but I'd also like to be able to become invisible & to be able to fly!

7. If you had to choose the most valuable thing you ever learned, what would it be?
People are mean. (I'd like to think everyone is nice, & everything is sunshine & roses...learned the hard way that's not true.)

8. If you could have only one piece of furniture in your house, what would it be? I guess I'd have to say my waterbed.

9. If you could read the private diary of someone you know personally, whose diary would it be? I have no clue. I really don't. I feel that those who want to share DO....and if they don't, I don't care to read it.

10. If you could have one person you know as your slave for one month, who would it be? If we are talking sex slave, I will take Dominic Purcell, please. (And I promise to treat him VERY well!) Oh shoot....someone I already know? As in know personally? Ummmm....a guy named Rick Marcus, I guess. I don't find anyone that hot in my life currently, I guess.

11. If you could choose the way you will die, how would you want it to happen? In my bed, in my sleep, peacefully...fall to sleep, & never wake up again...at whatever age before bad old age stuff starts to set in (needing help to get around, dementia, etc.). I do NOT want to die a violent or painful death (duh, who does?).

12. If you could wake up tomorrow to learn that the major newspaper headlines were about you, what would they say? "Overnight sensation! Actress Alice! Where did she come from? Where has she been? Let's hope she never goes away! She's brilliant & adorable & a great role model!"

13. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? Buy land & start building my dream home....and then help all my friends who need help!

14. If you could choose the music at your funeral, what would it be, and who would play it? Hmmmm.....never thought about it. Maybe "Never Walk Alone" since I sang it at my mom's funeral. "Amazing Grace." And I'd have my friends Erin & Mary sing. They are amazing.

15. If you could take away the vocal cords of any person, who would it be? Well, there's a lot of people for this question...but off the top of my head, Natalie Merchant.

16. If you had to describe your idea of the perfect mate, how would you do it? I've gone here a million times. No alcohol, no drugs, no smoking, head full of hair, little on body, no glasses, kind, gentle, intelligent, mature, thoughtful, witty, sexy, romantic, gentlemanly, etc....but there is NO "perfect" mate.

17. If you had to have a personal friend redecorate your house, who would you pick to do it? Well, I would do it, ideally...but maybe my friend Erin? I dunno...who's good at decorating out there? I like things really modern stuff, with black & bright colors....

18. If you had to choose the worst home you've ever lived in, which one was it? I would say my ex-boyfriend Chris' house, just cause we lived there with his brother & sister-in-law, & his brother was a DICK to me!

19. If you could have prevented one thing from happening between you and a friend, what would it have been? I am sorry anytime a friendship ends...with anyone. I'd rather have all friends than any enemies.

20. If you could learn the total number of hours you have spent in your life doing one thing, what would it be? Being on the net...and who could total THOSE hours! Sheesh!

21. If you had to describe yourself as a child in one word, what would it be? Fussbudget. :-)

22. If you could own a single prop from any film ever made, what would you choose? The ruby slippers from "Wizard of Oz?"
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