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Thank you, thenonexistant! I appreciate the laughs! Truly I do! Since you brightened my day with laughter, I thought it only fair that I acknowedge your effort here! :-)

But anyone who goes out of their way to make a fake LJ just to harass someone SERIOUSLY needs to get a life. And soon. Try hard not to be so jealous of me. I know it's difficult, what with me being so cool & all. But I am SURE you have plenty to offer, too. Maybe some therapy will help you find your own attributes. The asshole side is impressive, but I'm sure there's more to you than that. :-)

Just so you know...all your responses are screened, so if you are posting them for other people's enjoyment, too, I am sorry to inform you that *I* am the only one getting the entertainment. But do keep it up...I need the laughs. Bring it. *grin*

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