Pollyanna (alicenwndrln) wrote,

My cat is so strange.

Ernie will come into my room when he senses me stirring in the morning, & jump on the bed, & start meowing.

When I get up, he will lead me eagerly to the kitchen, & when we get there, sit by his dish, & meow & meow & meow, like he's starving, & he's been waiting all this time for me to wake up & feed him.

And then I look in his food dish...and it's still 1/4 full. The dish is NOT empty, he still has plenty of food to chomp on.

Yo, what's up wit dat chit? Why the whiney, desperate routine, when he hasn't even finished what's in from of him? That would be like someone asking for seconds when they haven't finished the first plate of food.

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