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(sung to the tune of "Going to the Chapel")

Goin' to the swap meet & I'm....
Gonna spend mu-uh-uhny.
Goin' to the swap meet of Santa Fe Springs.
(Okay, that didn't exactly fit)

I am waking up painfully early in the morning to go to the swap meet before work. I work at 11:45, so we should get to the swap meet by 8 or so. I actually don't plan to spend that much money...cause I really don't have any to spend. I just want this one beeny-type hat that my friend got there last week, for $5 (it has stars on it!), & maybe a MAC eyeshadow, if I find it ($8). That's it, really. I figured...it's Xmas, I ought to be able to spend a little bit of money on myself! Since the majority of my family has decided NOT to exchange presents, I won't be getting much. And that's fine...the season is not about getting. But I just want to buy myself a couple of inexpensive things. Is that so awful? I guess it is with rent to pay but....ah well.

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