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OK, so I'm a bit poll-crazy, but I need your help here.

I get to trade my current cellphone in for FREE (so don't give me any crap about how I don't need to spend money on a new phone right now, cause it's not costing me anything....so pfffffft!).

I would like to stick with Verizon, cause I am pleased with their customer service. But I need a plan with free roaming, & their most workable plan with my needs is $80/mo. (I am going to be canceling my landline, so I need a plan with lots of anytime minutes.).

Sprint has some pretty good phones with their new vision plans, but it drives me nuts that you have to go online to view/send text messages (even though the "net" is supposedly covered in your monthly price), whereas with the other companies, the text messages are just on the phone...no net needed. But their new phones ARE awesome (but would NOT be free). I don't know if their plans with free roaming/free long distance/approx. 1000 anytime minutes are reasonable.

T-Mobile has some great deals, & also has the Motorola T720 (they were even offering theirs with a free camera attachment!), but people wonder how good they are because they are still a relatively NEW company...but hey, Catherine Zeta-Jones wouldn't steer us wrong, would she? However....I'd have to pay for a T-Mobile phone, too.

AT & T had a really good "minutes without limits" promotional plan, but I think that ended. They are coming out with cool phones, too.

I like the high tech "ooooooooh, that's such a cool phone" phones. The more it "does," the more I like it. I want a phone for which you can download ringtones & screensavers (even if you have to pay for them). I want the color LCD screen.

Verizon is obviously the best deal for me right now, since the trade-in would be free. So....

Poll #83377 Cell phones

Should I trade in my current phone for a......?

Motorola T720
Audiovox CMD9500
Samsung A310
none of the above/other

What Verizon phone should I get instead if you answered "none of the above/other?"

Should I stick with Verizon or go with Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT & T? I need a good text message plan, free long distance, free roaming, at least 1000 anytime, & unlimited night/weekends (Verizon offers 1000 mobile-to-mobile, & most of my friends have Verizon).

Stick with Verizon
Go with Sprint
Go with T-Mobile
Go with AT & T

Is there another Los Angeles-available mobile phone company you'd suggest

Comments? Suggestions?


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