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I'm sleepy, so I'm just going to do a relatively short post (short for me!) before bed.

I got stood up tonight. It wasn't a date, just a guy I met on the internet a long time ago, & we never hooked up. I told him I had a boyfriend, & we decided to still meet & be friends, since we had talked online for so long. He's in the military, & ended up getting called into work tonight....and got off about a half hour after we were supposed to have met. He didn't have my number, so he couldn't call me to let me know. There was an email waiting from him when I got home, though. I felt like SUCH a dufus...waiting on this bench, alone, for an HOUR. The hostess kept looking over at me.

Got a DVD player with the gift cards from my grandmother & friends. It's a really nice one, a Sony that plays EVERY format, & I had enough to get good cables & a DVD cleaner, too. I am stoked. I probably will rent DVDs more than I will buy them, although heck, some good ones only cost $10 to buy, & they are almost $4 to rent! I already have "The Matrix," & will try to get a copy of "Princess Diaries" from Garry. I saw "Three Amigos" for $10, & I want that & "Princess Bride," & I still have enough gift cards for those, I think. If not...it shall wait. No hurry.

With the rest of the Xmas money Momme Dot sent me, I got 2 really cute sweatshirts with ears on the hoods (I just think those are TOO cute), & one of those Italian charm bracelets with a bunch of cute charms that represent me. "Why," you may ask," did you not spend that Xmas money on your bills, you silly girl? Why did you buy frivilous crap? No wonder you are in your current situation!" You might find yourself saying that. But you don't know my grandmother. She told me NOT to spend the money on my bills, that she wanted to see receipts for the things I buy, & to bring some of it home for her to wrap & put under the tree (even IF I have worn it already!). I thought about lying, but (a) I don't like to lie, & (b) she actually said, "Don't try to pull one over on me! You buy gifts with my money!" She normally asks for a list of things, & I mail it to her, & she goes out & gets the stuff. But since her back is hurt & her leg, she can't get out to go shopping this year. So she just sent me money with the strict orders to buy stuff. Other than the DVD player, I am mainly getting little stuff, & will more than likely have some money left over. I got a GREAT deal on the Italian charm bracelet. A store at Knott's sells them along with the charms. The bracelet usually runs about $15 or so, with the charms ranging from $14 for the letters to $20 for the enamel ones to $24 for ones with rhinestones. I got about 8 charms (one was a Lucy one & only cost me $3) & erinbir is giving me an extra bracelet she has for my Xmas present (she bought one for her fiance's mother, but she already had one). So the bracelet itself was free. Two of my charms were $24 (a rhinestone star & a red glitter raised heart...hearts & stars, two of my fave things), one was $14 (my first initial), & the rest were all $20 (red lips, since I love kissing; comedy/tragedy masks; a music note; a computer...I was pressured into getting that one by my friends, since I am on the computer ALL the time; a really pretty American flag; & pink ballet slippers, for my love of dance). That would have cost a niiiiice chunk of change. However, Knott's was having a special for employees, 40% off for 2 days, today & yesterday. So instead of paying $182, I paid just under $110. And I decided to get this bracelet instead of the camera I was going to get, & that camera was around $275...so big savings there. I also got a cute purse with stars on it & some "UGG" boots, in black (I LOVE those boots). With the 40% discount, the purse was basically free. Again, yeah, yeah, I actually WANTED to spend the XMAS money on my bills & planned to...but she's not kidding when she asks for receipts...trust me on this.

I also met one of my "secret benefactors" today. He is only an LJ lurker, he doesn't have his own journal. He's followed me for months, & wanted to help me, cause he could. He's visiting So. Cal from out of state, so I offered him a free ticket to Knott's...hey, it was the LEAST I could do. So I arranged to meet him today before I had to clock in. He was the NICEST guy possible (& no, not just saying that cause he's gonna read this...if I didn't mean it, I wouldn't say it, I just wouldn't say anything). I felt so comfortable with him, like I could tell him anything. He was soooooo nice. I hope he comes & visits again someday. He came to see me in the Calico show & in the tree-lighting, & for the Calico show, I realized right after the show started that he may not recognize me (I wear a red wig in that show). The tree-lighting had all kinds of excitement, cause we were on a live feed on the Channel 4 (NBC) news. Someone told me late that they saw me on the news. Maranda did my make-up, so I probably looked okay! Anyway, it was very nice to meet this generous, thoughtful man. *hugs*

I gotta get my XMAS cards done....maybe I will have enough money left over from MD's XMAS money to buy some postage for the cards. That would be cooool! :-)

My brakes are squeaking again. They can't be worn down already. I JUST got them changed. Weird.

I am going to do a separate post about my doctor's visit, since I know some are more interested in that than this "mindless crap." :-)
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