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Pooped as pooped can be

But so worth it.

Tonight was a blast, but I am paying for it now.

As Alicia, Amy, & I were leaving the park after clocking out tonight, one of them said, "Hey, why don't we go ride the bumper cars really quick? There's no one on them!" 2 hours later, we got off the bumper cars. Yes, we rode the bumper cars for TWO HOURS STRAIGHT, without getting off. The ride operators just let us stay on (along with several other people), just stopping the ride when someone wanted to get off or new people wanted to get on. We just bumped & bumped. I got hammered many times, sometimes from more than one side at once. Trust me, I will feel it tomorrow.

At one point, we were just sitting there waiting for some new people to get on. There was a little girl in the car in front of me, maybe 10 years old or so. I looked at her & grinned really silly, & laughed a "heh-heh-heh" laugh at her. She stares at me, unsmiling, & finally says, deadpan, "You don't impress me." ROFL! That cracked me up! So I said, "Darnit, & I was trying so hard, too!" And she says, "I'll have you know, *I* am an ACTRESS!" I said, "I'll have you know, I'm an actress, too!" And she rolls her eyes & says with disbelief, "Really?" And I said, "In fact, I perform here. Did you see the treelighting show tonight? I was in it!" And she finally gets excited, & yells over to her dad, "DAD!!!" And tells him. This little girl was a crack-up. She said to Amy when Amy crashed into her, "BACK OFF!" One little boy said to Amy (he was probably about 9!), "I'm comin' after you, & ONLY you!" Amy told some guy that he was going down, & another little boy, about 5 (riding in a car with his mom) said to her, "And you're going down second!" :-)
Alicia, Amy, & I ganged up the whole night against this one guy, who was actually the father of the little boy that had it in for Amy (the 9 year old). Every time I went after Amy, she would yell, "Get the kid!", cause the little boy was following her around. One of the ride operators rode several times, & we got him good. 2 hours had passed before we knew it, & we only stopped then because the park closed!

It was a blast....but yeah....I am gonna feel it tomorrow. Whip lash...big time. And probably not the smartest thing to do when I am trying to get over a cold, but what the heck....it was a blast.

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