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Dear Bitter, Resentful People,

I don't understand why people who have miserable lives, or HAD a miserable life growing up, take it out on those who didn't.

No one has any control over the situation they were born into. If you were born into money, no one should hold that against you (unless you act like a snobby, spoiled brat). If you were born into poverty, no one should hold that against you (unless you act like trash). If you were abused as a child, that doesn't make it right or good for you to hold onto that bitterness & resentment as an adult. "Well, my childhood sucked, THAT'S why I am a miserable adult. I have a RIGHT to be mean & nasty, cause life was mean & nasty to me." Bullshit. Rise above. Hundreds of people do it every day. If you choose to wallow in bitterness, you are mainly hurting yourself.

I am a sunny person by nature. Even when at my lowest, I will still try to find something to smile or joke about. I get down due to present circumstances, but STILL am not mean to others, or cruel, or negative to others...only to myself!

I am sick of people acting like there is something WRONG with happy people. Like there's something wrong with people who didn't have TERRIBLE childhoods (and that's all relative, cause mine was certainly rougher than SOME...but not nearly as bad as others). Like I am a horrible person because *I* had awesome parents who loved me & didn't abuse me. It makes me sad when people are resentful of other people's lives. I am broke right now, but don't get bitter & resentful when I hear a friend just got a PS2, or someone bought a new car, or got a new job, or has money to spare....rather, I am HAPPY that my friends have things when I don't. I am happy for them. I wouldn't wish my current woes on my worst enemy. Being bitter about what other people have that I don't, or over someone having had a "better" life than I did growing up, doesn't get me anywhere. Besides....people may have negative things in their life that you may not know about. Rarely is anyone ALL "sunshine & roses."

If you are a bitter, negative person...that's one thing. You obviously enjoy wallowing in your bitterness & resentment. Hey, whatever floats your boat. If you don't WANT to rise above or don't have the strength to, that's your thing. But to try to bring others down to your bitter level, or to be resentful that others are happy when you are miserable...that's just not cool. To hate someone for being sunny or being happy or having great friends who love them or for having a good family....that's so not cool.

You wanna wallow in your negativity, fine. But keep it to yourself, & stop resenting people who have more than you do, or who had a happy childhood, or who weren't abused, or who are more attractive than you, or smarter, or more witty, etc. EVERYONE has something valuable to offer. Where someone excels & you don't, you are sure to excel somewhere THEY don't. One man's trash is another man's treasure, right? We all gotta deal with the hand we were dealt, & you aren't dealing very well.

The "Princess"
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