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I'm scared

Why am I scared?

I am about to go to the doctor. No, seeing the doctor in itself is not what scares me.

I am just having scary symptoms. I can BARELY swallow. My throat is so swollen that I can just barely swallow, & it hurts severely to do so. This is making me really uncomfortable, & upset, because it started in the middle of the night (I simply haven't been able to shake whatever I have had since last week), & I didn't sleep well. Today is a long day, & I am exhausted already. Tonight was supposed to be my last night performing in the treelighting ceremony, & now I don't know if I can do it. Right now, I could barely talk enough to make the doctor's appointment. Seriously. My throat is THAT swollen. It hurts to talk. And we are having our work group dinner party tonight. And I fly home in 2 days. What great timing.

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