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Momme Dot appears to be okay. I talked to my Aunt Sara tonight. It seems that she passed out due to how much weight she had lost. She got down to 84.5 pounds, & her body just kinda shut down. A heart can't take that...especially if you are doing a lot of running around & barely eating. So she basically needs to start eating more, & not worrying so much about her weight & her cholesterol at 79 years old. Her heart tested fine...that's a great thing.

I talked to Garry Marshall's assistant today. She said, "I have your Xmas gift here. I told a hint. I won't tell you what it is, but the initials are V.W." Garry usually gets me perfume every year, so this year I requested Vera Wang. Yipppeeee! I haven't had a new perfume in so long, so this is a treat (I know, you don't understand). It's like a $75 perfume, so no telling when I'd ever have been able to buy that for myself! YAY!

I got a gift from a friend. She got me Cake, by Urban Decay. She got the LAST one available in all of LA County! It's this sparkling body powder that you wear (obviously), but it's scented like cake & TASTES like cake. It's not like one of those things that says "edible" & then it takes like crap. I swear, this tastes like cake! So if I ever date again, I can wear it, be all sparkly & yummy smelling, & then he can lick it off & enjoy it! :-) Anyone wanna taste me? *wink*

My girlfriends are sleeping over on Friday night. We are going out for a plate of cheese, & then coming back, & Wilfredo, my masseuse (when I can afford it, which hasn't been in a long while) is coming over to give massages. He's so cheap....$10 for 15 minutes, $20 for a half hour, $40 for an hour. That's so crazy cheap. The girls are SOOO excited.

robont did such a nice job with my Babes of Xmas pics. He always does me right (and hey, who wants to be done wrong?). I so appreciate the kind words everyone had to say about me, coming on the heels of people saying such nasty things. It really ran the gamut....nasty stuff...to complimentary stuff. All in one day. It was much needed & I thank everyone who was nice to me today. I definitely know who my real friends are, & I value every one of ya!


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