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I have to perform all day tomorrow & I still feel like crud. At least we are still doing the holiday show, which is very short & I have minimal lines & singing in it.

I wonder what nasty virus I have now.


My sister called me today to inform me that she is now sick (we slept in the same room, I don't see how she wouldn't get it). I feel bad about that, but I certainly didn't do it on purpose. I just hope & pray my frail grandmother, Momme Dot, doesn't get it, cause it would just wipe her out. I also hope my other grandmother doesn't get it, cause she's not the healthiest, either. I didn't get around PaPa too much, & Dad doesn't get sick much. I kept trying to avoid direct contact with people, & keep people out of my face, but everyone still wanted to be affectionate with me.

I hate being sick, & even more, I hate getting others sick.


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