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What a little mini adventure I had last night.

I had to go to my landlord's to drop off my rent check (that might bounce....ooops). I decided I would also run by Popeye's to get some dinner (I got gift certificates for Xmas...my friends know I love that place...yummy popcorn shrimp basket!). I knew I shouldn't be leaving the house in my "condition." What WAS my condition? Dirty, filthy, disgusting hair. I haven't washed my hair since the weekend. No, I don't normally go that long, I normally wash my hair every other day (it's not healthy to wash long hair every day). But this week I have been working really hard on getting my living room cleaned up...don't believe me, ask chappell, he's seen the pictures. Washing my hair takes a looooong time, since there's so much of it. I've been showering every day (as hard as I've been working, I would have to!), just not washing my hair. So, by now, it's really gross. I just piled it on my head & clipped it...but it still looks really greasy. But I expected to only be seen by the Popeye's people. I was also wearing some really old sweat pants, & big t-shirt & no bra...yep, the boobicles were flopping all over the place.

So I drop the check off....and then decide to stop at Sav-On to pick up some pictures I had developed of my trip to AZ in November, & then stop by the grocery store, since I was passing them & needed to get some food (nothing here). I was very self-conscious to be going out in public with my hair like this. Ewww. But oh well. I go into Sav-On & get my pictures. It was really cheap ($7) cause I had a coupon. Then I head over to Vons. I am standing in a loooong line to check out. They only had 2 lines open, & each line was long & taking forever. A clerk comes out & says, "I can take the next person in line over here." The next person goes over to her line, then the lady in front of me follows, so I follow. There's a man behind me giving me a funny look. I was like, "Why is he looking at me like that?" I load my *37* items up on the belt, & as she is already checking me out, I look up & notice---for the first time---that this is a 10 item or less express lane. Ooooops. I didn't think to even look because she just said, "I'll take the next customer in line," not "I'll take the next person in line who has 10 items or less." I was just thinking I needed to hurry cause I had cold items. I tell the cashier that I didn't realize it, & she's not worried. I turn to the old lady behind me & the man who gave me the funny look, & red-faced, apologize profusely. I said that I didn't realize it....the old lady smiled & said it was okay (she only had a few items) & the man smiled & said, "These things happen." I just kept apologizing, I genuinely felt like an ass. I hate it when I find someone with 2 items over the limit in an express lane. Luckily thought, since I already had my stuff on the belt when she got to me, it only took about 3 minutes to go through my stuff, so at least I was quick. I still felt like a jackass, & before I left with my stuff, turned around & apologized once more. Me & my slobby clothes & greasy hair & 37 items left.

I stopped by Popeye's & got my popcorn shrimp basket. As I was leaving, I spied a Blockbuster right there. I have gift certificates there, too. I had been wanting to see "Unbreakable" & "Signs." So I decided to run by there. Gee, a lot more people were seeing me with my greasy hair than I had originally planned. I found those two movies & they were having a special, 3 movies for $8.99, so I grabbed "Minority Report," too. It's cool to rent movies for free, & with that gift card, I still have more left. Anyway, since I am on the Blockbuster Rewards program (even though I hadn't rented anything since like August 2001!), I got 3 Blockbuster Favorites free. So I got "Mystery, Alaska," "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," & "Happy, Texas," none of which I have seen. And those aren't due til next week. Wooo-hooo. Meanwhile, yes, I was conscious of the groceries in the backseat, needing to be put in the freezer. I headed home, & took all the groceries in.

I ate dinner & started working on my sister's scarf again (crocheting) & then worked a bit on my white fluffy one that I am knitting (can't crochet too long, it starts to hurt my hand). Then for about the 3rd night in a row, I fell asleep on the couch. The recliner is just so comfy, & I was all curled up in my Mickey Mouse blanket, all toasty. I was just planning on watching the 11 o'clock news, & then going to bed. Instead, I fell asleep sitting there (well, reclining there) & got up to go to my bed around 3AM. I gotta stop doing that. But I am waking up so early in the mornings, since my body clock is used to waking up at 7AM for work. I can't sleep past 9. That's cool, it makes the day seem longer. Tomorrow, I have to get up early & take a bunch of stuff to storage, & have a charity come & pick up some stuff, too. Then this living room will actually look...well, "livable" for the first time in 3 years. When I get a storage unit for outside, I will get it even more clean. I am very proud of myself.

Tonight, I am meeting Marcus. He thinks I am a flake, & I can't say I blame him. I mentioned doing something tonight, & he said, "We can tentatively make plans for tomorrow night, &....see if you can keep them." I just laughed & promised I would. I just have so little desire to date, I guess.

I have also lost quite a bit of weight since I've been on this Prozac. I was around 135...this morning I was at 130 (last night at 128). It's flucuating around 130. I just haven't had as much of an appettite, & being too broke to buy sufficient amounts of food helps, too. I don't want to be foolish & think this weight loss is permanent, but it's kinda nice.

All right....I'm off to watch the two movies that are due back tomorrow by noon, while crocheting & knitting. I think I might be able to finish my sister's scarf today, although since I probably won't give it to her until Xmas, I guess there's no real rush. :-)
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