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I feel so proud of myself today. Anyone who knows me closely will understand why. I am the ULTIMATE slob. I am a true bachelorette, so I don't care too much about keeping my place clean...until it reaches a point where I just get disgusted with myself. No, there isn't old food & dirty plates staked up. I am messy, not dirty. I just don't put things away. I come in the house & dump everything on the floor or couch, & just leave it there....& it starts to pile up. The dreaded "area behind the couch/dining room" hadn't been cleaned/straightened/organized in the 3 years I have lived here. My friends wondered if there was floor under there.

I finally decided with the new year to tackle this area of my house. I rearranged the stuff in the laundry room, so I could put my two pieces of luggage out there. I straightened & alphabetized all my videos, & assembled a new video rack to do that. I threw away a huge trash can full of recycle-able stuff (it's so full, I can't even fit everything in there). I have a few boxes that will have to stay there until I get another storage container for my backyard, cause I simply have no where to put the stuff. I still have an A/C to install in my bedroom that takes up a lot of space, cause I didn't have the money to get it installed. Once I do that, that will be gone. I had 2 boxes of stuff, a bag full of clothes, & two dog beds to go to charity...and in two trips today, I dropped all of it off myself.

I had a pile of stuff to take to my storage facility today, so I loaded up my truck & headed over there. I went to put the stuff in, & the door had a facility lock on it, cause my payment had been late the month before, & they forgot to remove it. We also discovered that we were unable to get into my unit. Someone might have tried to break in, cause it looked like someone had used pliers on the lock thingy. It was mangled so much, the bar wouldn't slip through the whole to open it. He had to cut it off (he being the manager). He asked me how I had been getting in there. I said, "I haven't. I probably haven't been here in 8 months to a year, & it wasn't like that the last time I was here. The key is on my keychain all the time, & I can't come here without my keychain, so I have never not had my key." (He asked me if I tried to get in without my key at some point.) When we finally got it open, he believed me that I hadn't been there in a long time. The place was FILTHY. I mean, disgusting. And it looked like there had been an earthquake, the way my boxes had all fallen over. I started going through just the stuff in the front (the dirtiest stuff). I quickly surmissed I didn't need any of that crap, & some of it was just empty boxes & broken stuff. While he went to get something to fix the door, I moved some stuff out, & moved the stuff in my truck inside. I loaded up the back with stuff to take to the Salvation Army, figuring I would attempt to go by there & just drop this stuff off. There was a really old pc photo scanner, a TV cart (a nice one, just don't have room for it), an old hand vac, some baseball caps, 2 suitcases, etc. I also had the base of a papasan chair to throw away, & two boxes of trash, & one big bag of trash. I locked my unit, vowing to come with my friend next week to go through ALL of it (with rubber gloves & a mask on my face, since I started coughing violently from all the dirt/dust), & drove off to the nearby Salvation Army. As I left, I dumped all the trash in their trash bins, & felt good to be getting rid of all that, that quickly. I can only imagine how much I will get rid of when I go through the whole thing. I look at some of the stuff & ask myself, "WHY did I save this?" Anyway, I pulled up to the SA, & there were some workers outside. I jumped out & said, "Can I drop some stuff off?" A worker said I could, so I opened the back & unloaded all that stuff. I said, "I'll be back." I meant someday, but I decided to go home & get all the rest of the charity stuff, & bring it back right then & there. The SA is very close to my house, in my neighborhood, in fact, as is my storage facility. Very convenient. So I drove back home, pulled in the driveway, & loaded up the truck once again, after disinfecting my filthy hands (I drove home holding a bathing suit I found in some old luggage I gave to the SA, so I wouldn't touch the wheel). I loaded up the two boxes (with 2 VCRs, sheets, clothes), a big bag of jackets (some nice ones, but I haven't worn them in 3 years), the 2 dog beds, a trash can, & a kickboard. I zoomed back to the SA, saw the guy from before, & said, "I said I'd be back." He responded, "That was fast!" We unloaded the stuff, & I got a pointless receipt for all of it (I don't make enough to need to take deductions). They were grateful to have the stuff, & I was grateful to get rid of it. I noticed some roosters crowing, & asked him about it, & he said they were training them for cock fights. I remarked that I thought that was illegal, & he agreed....so I might be reporting that. Bad people.

I drove home & sit here feeling damn proud of myself. Cleaned my living room. No, it's not perfect, but with as much stuff as I have, it never will be. You can't ask a pack rat to change her spots overnight. But I can see floor! I can see lots of floor! I can lower my treadmill now & actually use it! I can use my recumbent bike! I have space! I donated to charity! I got rid of stuff that people can use, that I don't need. I threw away some stuff I didn't need in my storage unit. I took stuff to storage, getting it out of my house. This house is finally getting into shape....and it only took 3 years. I am going to paint the laundry room (I have never painted anything), so I don't expect it to look great). I am going to hire someone to install some more shelves in my laundry room. There's all kinds of empty wall space in there that could be utilized. I am going to fix up my back yard, & get my jacuzzi fixed so it's not going to waste (the heater isn't working). I am going to get everything cleaned that I can. I am going to go through my bedroom closet & TRY to part with clothes I haven't worn in 3 years. There are clothes in there that I haven't touched in the whole 3 years I have been here. They have just hung there. Some didn't fit when I gained weight, & I think, "I can wear them when I lose weight." But now I think, "Why not give these perfectly good clothes to the needy, & when I DO lose weight, reward myself by buying some new clothes?" (I shop at Target & Wal-Mart, so it's not like I spend a lot on clothes.) I have a pile of clean clothes that I DO wear that are laying on the end of my bed, because I can't fit them in my closet. I need to get rid of all the clothes I haven't worn in 2+ years, & put the rest in the closet. I also need to go through my hundreds of shoes (yes, you read that correctly....my shoe size has been the same since I was about 12) & get rid of pairs that I honestly never wear...no matter how cute they are (there are some that are really cute but hurt my feet to wear....so what's the point? I don't believe in sacrificing comfort for fashion). I hope to do this clean-out next week. I need to see if Alicia can come over sometime next week to go through my storage facility with me. She helped me so much before. I need someone who will pick something up & say, "Do you REALLY need these math notebooks from high school, Alice????"

I dropped off "Minority Report," "Unbreakable," & "Signs" off at Blockbuster before noon, decided to go to Target next week instead of today (need a few things, & have gift certificates), mailed off 3 packages, 2 to good LJ friends (*grin*) & one to my dad. I feel accomplished there, too, cause those are 3 scarves that I completed. Not the greatest, maybe, but I made them with my own wittle hands...and with love. I enjoyed "MR" but guessed who the villain was pretty quickly, "Signs" was really good...but I have some questions about "Unbreakable," but that's a whole other post. I still have "Tomb Raider," "Happy, Texas," & "Mystery, Alaska" to watch. Andrea & Maranda are spending the night tomorrow night, so maybe they will want to watch one of those. I decided I didn't need to go to the knitting store, because I have enough yarn to keep me busy for a loooong time. Once I finish my family/friend projects, I am going to crochet some baby blankets for a charity.....or I might even make some bigger ones & give them to the homeless in Hollywood. The possibilities are endless, & I look forward to helping in any way I can. I still have to finish MeMama's blanket, start on my dad's blanket, & then I am going to make Momme Dot one, & possibly one for Kathy & one for my aunt & uncle. And then I am free to make blankets for the needy. I am going to ATTEMPT to knit a blanket, but I think that looks pretty hard. I am much better at knitting than crocheting, though.

I have lost about 7 pounds since I started taking Prozac. I don't know why. I know I haven't been as hungry since I've taken it, & greasy stuff makes me queasy. What an unexpected bonus! I keep thinking, "Boy I ate a lot just then, I am going to put all that lost weight back on," but then I weigh myself, & I have lost another pound. I haven't changed my eating habits, & I am not exercising more...although I might now that I can use my treadmill! I haven't seen where they weight is coming off, & my clothes don't feel any looser, but I suspect it's coming off my boobs. That's usually where it comes off first.

The news disturbed me last night. A woman left her 7 year old daughter & 4 year old son home ALONE for 20 days, while she flew East to meet a guy off the internet. Gee, she left them some microwavable food! A neighbor finally heard them crying non-stop & called authorities. This is a sick, sick woman who should have NEVER been allowed to have kids. Why DO you have kids if you don't want them? Another "not parent of the year award," a man took his 4 year old son hiking in the hills of Malibu. The father was an inexperienced hiker, & they did not dress for cooler weather...and got lost. Ummmm....doesn't 4 seem a bit young to be hiking? Particularly if the parent isn't experienced, & if they aren't dressed properly. Heck, I don't care how hot the day is in CA, I take a jacket wrapped around my waist when I go to Disneyland. Nights are much cooler here. Dumbass.

I think I am going to have laser eye surgery when I get some money from my grandmother. I have wanted to do it for years, but it's been so expensive & I haven't had the money. Now I think it's something I NEED to invest in. Ever since I had that pinkeye in November, my eyes haven't been the same. They are always irritated. I don't want to put my contacts in, yet I can't perform in my glasses, & feel ugly in them, too. So I am going to do it. Has anyone had it, & are you thrilled?

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