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Have I ever mentioned how I HATE driving? I HATE driving. With a passion. I also get "highway hypnosis" after driving about 45 minutes to an hour, especially if I am alone.

I told my father that I wanted to come see him in Charlotte (NC) while there is snow on the ground. It's been SOOO long since I have seen snow. Soooo long. And I LOVE snow. I even say that it snowed the day my mother was buried cause she told God to make it snow for me, cause she knew I loved snow. :-) Dad said that the snow should stay around for a while up in the mountains, unless they have some sort of fluke heat wave in the next few weeks (it's supposed to be 30 below tonight!). And I mentioned how I wanted to visit my grandmother in Greenville (AL).

Well, Dad called with a plan today. He'd fly me to Charlotte, & I'd spend Thursday night there, & Friday, we'd head into the mountains, & stay there until Sunday night (I LOVE hiking to the waterfalls there, & the snow will be soooo gorgeous...I only pray it's still there!!!!). Then, Monday morning, I will DRIVE my dad's car to Greenville! ACK! He says, "It's ONLY a 7 hour drive." Gee, is that it? In an unfamiliar, huge SUV, no less? 7 hours???? I am not sure I can do that. Alone? No one to keep me awake & keep me company? The longest I have ever driven was around 12 hours, when my mom & I drove out from AL to CA, but that wasn't 12 hours straight, & I had her to help keep me awake. I'd spend Mon-Thur. in Greenville, & then drive 7 more hours back to Charlotte, to fly back to CA on Friday. *gulp*

Anyone in the NC area wanna take a free trip to AL??? You must be jobless or have vacation time, since it will be Mon-Fri. *wink*

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