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I have a severe headache suddenly....I think my over the counter cold medicine finally wore off, cause my symptoms are all back now. :-(

Got a lot accomplished today, despite being ill. I wish they did late or 24 hour shopping hours year 'round! I slept in til about 9 or so. I would have slept later to give my body more rest, but that was what time I woke up (took one nighttime Comtrex, instead of the recommended 2, cause 2 would knock me out for 48 hours), & I just couldn't sleep any more. I went to Target around 1. It was pretty crowded, but I actually didn't stand in line longer than about 5-10 minutes, which isn't bad at all (no more than normal...but the guy explained that if I had waited 2 more hours, it would have been nuts). I got my sister her final Xmas gift, a cute little pajama set. She had requested a short set like the one I gave her last year, but being winter, they are not selling the short ones. But I found a cute long pajama pant one, & it was on sale for $14. It has little frogs on it (she LOVES frogs), & says, "Prince Charming" all over. Very cute. I found this 100 pack of CD jewel cases for 14.99...at least that was what it was marked on the shelf. I should always remind myself that if something appears to be too good to be true, it usually is. But I was in a hurry, so I didn't look closely. They were in the wrong place, & the real price, which I got rung up for at the register, was $24.99. Well, the reality is, as many CDs as I burn for people & wrap in Kleenex, it would take me FOREVER to use 100 jewel cases. When I burn CDs for myself, I put them in travel cases, not jewel cases. But a pack of 30 was $9.99, so I thought $14.99 for 100 was a GREAT deal. If 70 more was only $5 more....might as well get 100!
It was too late to do anything about it at that point, because I was not going to hold up the line. I decided I would go back tomorrow morning, early. I also ran out of time to go to Best Buy for my cousin's gift cards, so I would have to go back for that, anyway (they are in the same shopping center). Then I went to Sav-On & picked up my developed pics. Some of them turned out really cute. Some were too dark, doggone it! And then I went to work. Got stuck in traffic for an hour (better than usual), & made it in enough time to go to Sav-On to return something. So I did that, & still had time to go by Del Taco. I hadn't eaten anything all day. Work was work. Nothing special there. This handsome craft guy, Tom, whom we call "mountain man," due to his rugged good looks, made me a Xmas hat. He was selling all these USA flag hats...wizard style, elf style, & beanie style (they sell like hotcakes)....but he was also selling these cute little Xmas wizard hats, but with navy blue trim. I don't care much for navy blue. So I jokingly asked him to make me one with green trim. Well, I went by his booth tonight just to say goodbye & Merry Xmas, & he had made one for me! However...the trim is still not green, it's like a turquoise, which clashes a bit with the Xmas colors (red, black, & green) of the hat, but it's the closest to green that he had...and it's definitely the thought that counts. I told him I didn't expect him to really make me one so I didn't have my checkbook, & he said he didn't care whether I paid him or not. I can't tell if he's interested...he could be just a nice person, but I am going to give him my biz card with my # on it before the craft people leave, anyway...and I will think up some subtle reason to be giving it to him. I know he's divorced....I don't know if he's seeing anyone. It sure was nice of him to make me a hat.

After work, Alicia & I went to Bob the woodcarver's Xmas party. He has an AMAZING house, that was once owned by a millionaire who lived to excess. I just love Bob's house, & I wanted Alicia to see it. They had dinner catered, so that was nice. Ryella & Jeff showed up a little after us, so we had a nice time hanging out with them & getting the tour of the house. One room has a marble archway that was imported from a church in London. The master bedroom has his & hers matching side-by-side bathtubs, & a jacuzzi.

I left there around 9:30-9:45ish. I decided to get off the freeway & deposit some checks (from working on "Friends") & get gas, since I was almost on empty.
On a whim, I called Target on the way home & found out their holiday hours were 7AM-11PM. So, since it was on my way home, I decided to just stop by tonight.
I had the hardest time finding my receipt, but I finally found it & got inside around 10:45PM. I went straight to the customer service desk & told the girl I wanted to make an exchange. I went & got the 50 pack of jewel cases...THAT is the pack that was $14.99. 30 for $9.99, 50 for $14.99, & 100 for $24.99. That will last me quite some time!

As an added bonus, Best Buy was apparently open til midnight, cause when I drove by just to check to see if THEY were still open (it was now after 11), THEY WERE! I was so excited! I went to the customer service desk (no line) & immediately got 2 gift cards for my cousins Robert & Neill.

So...I am completely done with my Xmas shopping. My sister will reimburse me for half of the gift cards, & we each have little gifts for Katie. I mailed the pic of us on the cruise to her to get the calendars made up at Kinko's (I couldn't afford it), & it turns out she got all three (one to MeMama & Papa, one to Momme Dot, & one to Dad) FREE! I guess they repeatedly screwed up, so somehow, she ended up not having to pay for them. Woo-hoo! So I don't owe her anything for that. And the stuff she bought MD probably equals what *I* bought her, so we are probably square there. I got MeMama some "earbobs" & some Knott's Berry Farm jam. She was supposed to get PaPa some socks or undershirts, & she got Dad a sweatshirt or something. I am burning Dad the old Queen Greatest Hits tape, the one he kept stealing from me. I'm going to burn it from cassette to CD (they never made them on CD, I don't think....and they are completely out of print). I was going to record a Xmas CD for all of them of me singing Xmas carols, but I never got my voice back. That will have to be next year's gift.

So, I still have a lot to do tomorrow. I am going to sleep in...right now, I need as much rest as possible. If I have to sacrifice straightening the house to get healthy, that's what I have to do. BUT...the plan is to sleep in as much as I can, do some laundry, go to my storage facility & get my big piece of luggage, pack, straighten (forget cleaning, I won't have time), finish burning my sister's 80's CDs, my Dad's Queen CD, show my neighbor how to feed Toby, & exchange/return the sweater/jacket I got Toby.
That's the only errand I have to run tomorrow. I bought him mediums, he needs a large. The little "jacket" I am going to return, the sweater I am going to exchange for a large. It looked really cute on him, though. And boy, does he need it, he shivers like mad outside in the cold. It won't make a HUGE difference, but it will help some. He's just so skinny, he gets so cold. I will have to hold off on an oil change until I get back, I just don't have time. So, other than a quick run to Pet Mania & my storage facility, everything I have to do is at home. But I have a ton of laundry to do (I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow), & lots of straightening to do.
The 80's CDs take an hour & a half each to do. So I imagine I will run out of time to do things tomorrow....but that's always the way the day before I fly somewhere...since I procrastinate (this time, I have an excuse....I have been sick in bed!). I also get the joy of going through my clothes & seeing what still fits to take with me. I can barely wait to hear my grandmother's comments about how much weight I have put on. I figure I will take 2 pairs of pants, my fave jeans & my black slacks, & then just a bunch of different tops. But I want loose tops, not ones that show my belly roll. I don't want to look like sausage in a package. And I don't know how many warm, loose tops I have. I am really trying to pack light this year, due to the security measures. I can't stand in line at the airport with 3 huge bags, as usual, & lug them around by myself. So I am trying to take only one. Maybe one dress for a nice dinner out...if I can find a nice one that fits.


A SERIOUS New Year's Resolution is to LOSE WEIGHT. I HATE feeling like this. I have til March to lose a good bit of weight. If my grandmother gives me some money in January, I am definitely using some of it to go see a dietician who can put me on an eating plan I can tolerate. And I have to start using my treadmill.

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