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I am writing from my uncle's house in Alabama. It's Xmas Eve. I hate typing on non-ergonomic keyboards! :-)

I'll have lots to write about when I get back. We spent yesterday in Greenville with my dad's side of the family. I saw relatives I haven't seen in years. My little cousin, K.C., is in awe of me. More on that later.

My cold is a bit better. I have been trying to get as much sleep as possible. Most of whatever it was has drained from my head into my chest. I now have a nasty, persistent cough. It mostly hits at night when I lay down, & when something makes me laugh hard. I have this fart machine I take everywhere, cause it makes everybody laugh. My sister about died laughing when she discovered her rental car remote set the fart machine off (any remote does). She kept locking & unlocking the car doors just to make it go off. Ahhhhh...hours upon hours of fun & laughs with the fart machine. As my sister puts it, it's the best $16 I ever spent! Even my grandmothers find it funny. There's just something about flatulence that makes people giggle....as long as it doesn't stink, of course. Then it's not so funny.

Down in Greenville, my dad dug out an old video from the family in Pensacola, in 1987. I looked horrible in this video, at 15 or 16 years old, with that awful, hideous French haircut I had gotten in Paris. My hair looked much darker, & I had braces, & generally looked very 80's.......but geez, I was so skinny! I gotta get that figure back. Look what being a woman has done to me! Ugh! I am so depressed over my current weight. After Xmas, I am going to ask my grandmother to pay for one session with a personal trainer (to be put on a routine) & one or two sessions with a dietician. I think she will pay for it, since as she says, I need to lose "about 10 pounds." Actually, I need to lose at LEAST 15, preferably 20. And that ain't gonna be easy. My metabolism sucks, I am a natural couch potato (although I enjoy physical activities), & I love to eat all the wrong foods...and detest the good ones. **sigh** But I gotta lose weight by the spring. I am determined. I think, with a healthy diet & exercise plan, I can do it.

Anyway....also on this video was my mother. I haven't "seen" her since she died. Only in pictures. So it was weird seeing her on video. She looked exactly the same in 1987 as she did the day she died in 1997. The woman just never aged. She wasn't on the video much, as she preferred to stay more behind the scenes, but it was a bit sad to see her at all. I showed the video to my grandmother (mom's mom), & she almost starting crying. It's nice to finally get something with her in it...because as time passes, you start to forget someone, physically. Right now, my family is downstairs watching old videos, a few containing my mother & my deceased grandfather. Those can't be easy for my grandmother to watch, since she has lost both of them. My grandmother commented, "I need a daughter," & I said, "I need a mother."

I am having lots of fun & laughs with my sister, as usual. We get really silly when we're together. It's fun, though. She just informed me that we are going to be fairly bored on the ship we are cruising on this summer. The places we are going to seem nice---Nova Scotia, Maine, Canada---but the ship has no activities, or at least, not the ones we enjoy. No talent show & no karaoke! My sister & I love karaoke! We wanted to go to a bar here that has it every night....but it's DISGUSTING the amount of smoke in this place. For one thing, I get spoiled since there is no smoking in any bars/clubs in Cali. I forget that other states are still dumb enough to allow it. I am always taken aback when I walk into a restaurant in Alabama & they say, "smoking or non?" I'm like...."You still allow it at all?" Anyway, this bar is AWFUL. All people in Alabama seem to do is drink beer & smoke. You go into this bar, & all the "regulars" sit & chain smoke the entire time they are there, puff & take a swig, puff & take a swig...smoke WHILE they are singing karaoke...amazing. We almost died last year. We were there an hour until we simply couldn't take it anymore. I am allergic & always have been, but my sister only in the last few years quit smoking herself. Since she's quit smoking, she hates it almost as much as I do. She can't stand to be around it now, either. No kidding, it took me washing my hair 3 times, & my clothes 3 times, to get the smoke out. That's how bad it was. You walked into this bar & there was an actual smoke haze. I don't know how they can handle it. It's disgusting. And I swear, every time we go to that bar, I get hit on by one hick guy after the other. My sister always gets a kick out of it, cause I can be looking my worst...and still, no kidding, one after the other. One guy practically sat on my lap while telling me, "Hi....I'm really shy." I have always found it interesting that it seems as if almost no guys in Cali hit on me...but whenever I go to Alabama, I am REALLY popular with the guys. This one guy I dated whenever I was in town said it was because I just didn't look like other Alabama girls. I don't know how that's possible....I was born & raised there for 18 years. But truly, I have never felt like a Southerner, I always fit in better with the freaks of Cali. Although I have plenty of Southern traits (mainly my manners).

Today we went by the mall, & I was going to walk into Bath & Body Works. There was this guy walking out who appeared to be in a hurry. I stopped just outside the entrance to let him pass, & being a Southern gentleman, he stopped just inside the entrance to let me enter. It was like a Mexican standoff...me waiting for him to pass, & he waiting for me to pass. I simply forget that men have such good manners in the South, since men in Cali don't act that way. Eventually I realized I was going to lose this standoff...so I finally entered, & thanked him kindly. :-) One thing about Southerners....they are a polite, friendly bunch....that is, until you start talking about Bin Laden! Meeeooooow!

Well, my family is starting to pick on me for being anti-social. I hear them discussing me. I'd better go. Perhaps I will get another opportunity to write before I go home, but maybe not. Either way, I will be home on Friday.

Happy holidays to everyone, & I hope that 2002 brings wonderful things to everyone. :-)

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