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I'm sleepy. I stayed up late finishing my "Sopranos" DVD so that I could mail it back today (netflix), so I didn't get enough sleep last night. I have been trying to get around 9 hours a night. Ironically, I heard a report on the news that said that women who get under 8 hours of sleep a night are at a greater risk for a heart attack....but you were also at greater risk if you got OVER 8 hours! But I have always felt better when I get 8.5-9 hours of sleep. I guess it just depends. I laid down to take a nap a little while ago, but got completely wired. So I got back up....and got sleepy again. Go figure.

It makes me sad to see these singers on "American Idol" & know that I am as good as most of them, but can't compete cause I am "too old." BAH! It should be image...and I LOOK young.

I bought an awesome pair of low-rise jeans at K-Mart with the gift card my friend, Bob, gave me for my birthday. With the card, the jeans cost about $3. I have to buy a few news things cause of this weight I am losing. My pants were falling off of me. I literally had to fold a pair over at the waist. I am not going crazy with "new" clothes (I frequently get "new" clothes at the Goodwill) yet, until I lose a little bit more weight. And win the lottery. I forgot about that. Anyway, I spent the afternoon hemming my new jeans....they are "short," but not short enough for me. I guess their definition of "short" is about 5'4, judging by how much I hemmed up (& since it's by hand, it is FAR from a good hem job).

I went to a consultation for the LASIK today. It was kinda a weird experience, overall. I am excited beyond explanation to have this surgery. I have been laying on the couch at night to watch TV, & it's really uncomfortable with glasses on, & I am not about to pop my contacts in just to watch TV (I wear my glasses if I am hanging out at home or just running errands). And my eyes have been really dry & irritable lately. I guess that would explain the "allergy bumps" I have on my eyelids, as they pointed out. The first part of the exam was fine. Then they dilated my eyes, & put in a dye to check them out. They wanted to check my vision, but I couldn't see anything. The doctor kept telling me to read the chart, but I couldn't read a damn thing. "What letters do you see?" "I really couldn't tell ya." It turns out that I am allergic to the dye, which happens, but is RARE. Wouldn't ya know it? So the dye caused blurred vision, & I couldn't complete the eye test. I have to go back for a 2nd consultation on Monday, since I couldn't complete it today. This time, they won't be putting in the drops. But, other than that, she said my eyes were very healthy, & that I was a good candidate for the operation. YEA! In case you're wondering where a broke girl like me gets money for LASIK....my grandmother sent me the money for it. And then she suggested I spend the money on a boob lift instead. *sigh* I think I will stick with a good bra for that, & get my eyes fixed. My boobies are sagging that much YET. Anyway, the visit got stranger. As I walked into the consultation room, where I'd receive important instructions for the procedure (no make-up for 3 days before, start drops a week before, etc.), I couldn't see. I mean, I could see, but everything was blurring & my eyes were freaking out. At the end of the exam, she shined a really bright light in my eyes, & not only are my blue eyes very light sensitive anyway, but ANY eyes are VERY sensitive with dilating drops in them. YOUCH! I couldn't keep my eyes open while she was doing the exam, they were just slamming shut. So I go into the consult room, & then I realize they are waiting for the other 2 consults to come in the room with me, so that they give the instructions once instead of 3 times. I sat there a while. And then, the worst thing that could possibly happen to someone like me happened. One of the other patients had brought her young "special" child with her, instead of finding a sitter. This child was a freaking mess. I could feel my blood rising. This little boy was slamming his mother hard on the leg with his hand, & then started hitting ME! It's all I could do to not stand up & kick the crap out of him, AND the mother for allowing that behavior to happen. You do NOT bring your uncontrollable child to a doctor's appointment. I don't care what the reason is. We are not talking about going in for a cancer treatment, we are talking about cosmetic surgery. If you can't find a sitter, you don't go. The boy was playing with their computer. He threw himself on the floor & had a tantrum. He kept slamming the door over & over. The nurse that was doing the consult got fed up & asked another nurse to come in & play with the boy for a bit. That temporary peace lasted all of 1 minute, before he started screaming on the other side of the door to come back in. The audacity. To expect a NURSE to babysit your unruly child. To drag one there in the FIRST place! To allow the child to get away with that behavior! If you cannot control the child because of his "special needs," then you don't take them to places like that. Plain & simple. And she just acted like she was clueless as to how annoying the kid was. The nurse who was giving the consult was frazzled, *I* was frazzled, the other patient was frazzled....ridiculous.

Colin Farrell & Britney Spears? ACK! He's hot, but all he does is drink & smoke & screw anyone he can.

I think I have a bladder infection. I can't fathom how I got it. I guess sometimes they just happen. I don't KNOW that that's what's wrong with me, but if I had to guess....it hurts really bad in that area of my abdomen, & I have to pee more frequently & just a little at a time. I have never had the typical bladder infection symptoms of "burning with urination," etc. I might have to see a doctor before I head to NC. I once let a bladder infection go too far because I was too broke to see a doctor, & I ended up in the ER, spending twice as much as I would have....the infection had eaten away the lining of my bladder. I am trying to self-treat with lots of cranberry juice & tomorrow I am getting that over-the-counter stuff to try (makes your pee dark orange).

I want to take ice hockey lessons, a mechanics class, & a sewing class. I can't remember how to use a sewing machine (learned eons ago in Brownies). I'd love to be able to sew some stuff on my own...like hems! Everything I buy needs to be hemmed, & it's expensive to have it done professionally.

I leave for NC on the 13th. I sure hope there's still snow.

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