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Two very odd things....

I was buried deep in my closet going through my shoes (donating ones I don't wear to friends and/or charity). All of a sudden, I heard my pc turn on. The strange thing was, it was already on. I never turned it off. Something bounced it off, & restarted it, all on it's own. Scary.

And then....

I found one of my favorite pairs of shoes, buried deep in my closet. I sat back to reminincse about my old, fave shoes. I checked the bottoms to see if they were in good enough condition to keep them. That's when I noticed, for the FIRST time (I probably have had these shoes since high school), that the left shoe was a size 6 (which is the size I wear) & the right shoe was a size 7! I have NEVER noticed that before! How very strange! This was a pair of shoes I wore all the time! I never noticed???

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