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I guess I am "hotter" in black & white.

Something happened to my picture on Hot or Not (it just disappeared), so I had to upload a new one. I was no longer getting rating, cause my profile had been up for a long time, & they stop taking votes after a certain point (it was just under 20,000). Usually, to get a high score on H or N, you have to show some skin, some cleavage.

Imagine my surprise to get a 9.3 (out of 10) for a black & white headshot. It's just my face, & I'm not smiling. As I write this, I think "DUH!," cause you guys have seen this pic a million times, it's the one that I use as my default pic. Yes, I got a 9.3 with THAT pic. Shocking, I know.

So I decided to use a pic that looks more like me. Not that the black & white pic doesn't, but you can't see my eye color, hair color, smile, etc. This picture I replaced it with was taken on my cruise last summer, & looks pretty much just like the real me...big cheesy smile, you can see that my hair's blonde, I'm not wearing too much make-up, etc.

Now I have an 8.8. I guess I look better when I'm not in color.
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