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Bummer. I think I am getting sick again. I have a bit of a cough today & my lungs hurt. Figures, since Andrea was just here & she was sick. I cannot come within 50 feet of someone who is sick without catching it. I will just keep taking the Vitamin C & Echinecea & hope that it doesn't last long. What timing, since I am flying to NC tomorrow.

I apparently pulled my left lymph node muscle. That's what it feels like. Still hurts really badly today.

Rats....I need to do laundry for my trip, but my laundry room is outside in the backyard, & it's POURING down rain. My luggage is in the laundry room, too, so I guess I will just have to brave the rain.

I hate packing...I never know what to take, what I'll truly need, & I try so hard to pack light...but I am usually unsuccessful. Not to mention that days of flying are just stressful for me...mainly cause I seem to have horrible luck when I fly. It's supposed to be pouring rain when we take off tomorrow, too. Bummer.

Got my new phone hooked up today. Got some Circuit City gift certificates, so got the Sanyo 5300 really cheap. It's such an awesome phone, I couldn't be more thrilled.

Called to refill my Prozac....the capsules are on backorder. I guess lots of people are on Prozac. :-) I am beginning to think it's a wonder drug. Of course, that means I have to get out in this horrible rain to go to the drug store. I HATE driving in CA rain. People drive like idiots, & the roads are extra slick.

Oh well...better get to packing, laundering, cleaning, & hemming my pants.

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