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Watching the "Baywatch" reunion show.

The acting is as bad as always, the dialogue as corny as always....but this show truly does have some of the most beautiful people in Hollywood.

David Hasselhoff is still gorgeous. "Knight Rider" was one of my fave shows growing up. Now that he's "clean & sober" he's looking really healthy. I don't know why they insist on covering him with baby oil. I have always thought that, no matter how hoochy she is, Pam Anderson is beautiful. She has a stunning body & beautiful eyes. I think Carmen Electra is one of the most beautiful women around. She's just stunning...brown hair, gorgeous body, beautiful blue eyes. Nicole Eggert was always cute, but she looks at bit like she hasn't aged that well. Yasmine Bleeth looks really good for someone who just got clean off cocaine. Gena Lee Nolin is gorgeous. I was surprised to see how handsome Jeremy Jackson, who play Hobie, turned out to be. He's quite the hottie. I was also surprised to see Billy Warlock turn up on this movie, but I guess he hasn't done much lately (I grew up watching him on "Days of Our Lives").

I think it's hysterical that every time the girls need to run somewhere (like to supposedly save a sea turtle), the shoot it in slo-mo, so we can see the titties jiggle. HA HA HA HA HA. All the sexual montage scenes, cause I guess they run out of snappy dialogue. *snicker* But....visually, it's a very nice show to watch. :-)

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