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Yowie. I am covered with scratches & bruises down the right side of my body. We were all really hyper & crazy at work on Sunday, & when they were doing the Chicken Dance in "Lucy Says," I started weaving in & out of the characters doing it with them (I was only escort, not JT). Alicia was playing Charlie Brown, & she got a little overzealous trying to play around with me, & pushed me into the bushes. The audience laughed, & I did, too, but it hurt. The branches were not forgiving. I have a scratch & bruise on my right elbow, scratches on the top of my right hand, a huge bruise on my right butt cheek, another big bruise on my right tricep, & other random bruises. I can't blame Alicia...I bruise super-easily, & she didn't mean to hurt me.

I had another eye appointment yesterday. So, at this point, my eyes are:

Left eye: 20/20
Right eye: 20/60

That's a bummer. They are saying your vision flucuates over the next few months, so there's always a chance my right eye will improve. I find it ironic, since my right eye was my better eye (right eye was -4.0, left eye was -4.5). It's weird to not be able to see that well out of my right eye. They said I am seeing 20/20 with both eyes, though, & good thing I don't look through just my right eye. It doesn't help that my eyes are really dry. They said I have dry spots...on the left eye, the dry spot is at the bottom of the eye, but on the right eye, it's right smack dab in the middle, which accounts for some of the blurriness & bad vision on the right. I have to lessen the frequency of the antibiotic drops, & use the Refresh more often, & if the dry spots don't improve, they are going to PLUG my eyes. Yeah, they put little plugs in your tear ducts (to the tune of $30 per plug...they start with the bottom two, & plug the top two if you need it). This way, any moisture in your eyes can't drain out. That sounds like such a pleasant experience. Sheesh. But they said inflammation & swelling is much more common & much worse than dryness, so I guess things could be worse. Anyway, if my right eye does not adjust itself to no worse than 20/30, they will be doing a touch-up at their expense (they have to keep fixing your eyes until you are pleased, at their expense, for 6 months). I won't accept more than 20/30. That's what my dad's vision was corrected to, & he's fine with that. My friend, Ryan, has 20/20 in one eye & 20/80 in the other...I don't know how he sees! But I can't complain TOO much, after going from 20/400 to 20/20 & 20/60!!! That's considerably better. And in 5 minutes! It's AMAZING! I am STILL amazed about it. I am so grateful, too. I don't know yet how I am paying the rest, but this is just so awesome, I will worry about that later. People take their perfect vision for granted...they don't understand a life of contacts & glasses, & the difficulties (such as when I had pinkeye & couldn't wear contacts...yet can't perform in glasses). I will never take my new vision for granted. The world seems so much more beautiful...even while currently a bit blurry!!!! :-) (Interestingly, the blurriness is not as bad outdoors in natural lighting than it is inside with artificial lighting.)
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