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I am in love with my new phone. Seriously, I want to marry it. It's so awesome. I have the Sprint Sanyo 5300. It's amazing. I love it. I haven't set a wedding date yet, but I will soon. *wink* It's not without it's problems, but it's damn cool. I can take pictures with it, I can send people the pictures (when I figure out how to do that, that is!), I can download fun ringtones or screen savers, I can take a picture of my friend & then assign that picture to their ring, so when they call, their picture comes up!!! I can sign individual rings to individual people, so I know who's calling once I memorize their ringtone. That's cool! I can determine if I want to answer the phone or not, by the ringtone! I am currently having problems with the short messaging, which sucks, but I am still pleased with it. And the fact that it was practically free after all the gift cards I had, that makes it even cooler (since it's a $400 phone!). I can choose the color of the backscreen. It's a flip phone. I am sure there are more cool things about it, but those are the main points. If you are in the market for a new phone, I highly recommend it. Wheeeeeeeee!
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