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Well, I'm jumping in the shower & then heading to the ER. Oh joy! I just LOVE going there! I love being poked & prodded....and given the nature of my pain, they will probably do a pelvic, & I HATE having male doctors do that! I doubt it will help if I tell them I just had a pelvic in November. Knowing doctors today, they won't run any tests, just listen to what I say, & give me a script of pain pills. Well, I won't accept that. I hate pain medicine (particularly narcotics), & I HATE it when they try to cover the pain without first discovering what's CAUSING the pain! I hope they will run some tests. If I am going to end up on the street from medical bills, might as well do them all!

I finally fell back asleep for a while....it's now 5 hours after I first woke up, & I am STILL very queasy, & my lower back really aches.

I am going to have to do a direct deposit transfer of my $80 paycheck, just to have enough money to go to the ER. That sucks. Oh well.

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